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Gallery addition: One Hot Brewster body
Brewster Rolls-Royce Phantom II Special Town Car

Like many a lady's formal evening dress, Town Car bodies were generally not designed to be overly sexy. However, some classy women knew just what to do to stand out from the other ladies at the dinner table: a slightly tighter cut, some lowered parts and gold juwelry to draw attention to just the right areas. And so did Brewster & Co., when they created this Rolls-Royce's Formal Town Car body for a very fortunate lady, who received this car as a wedding gift by her future husband to drive to formal events.

Brewster Rolls-Royce Phantom II Special Town Car

This Rolls-Royce Phantom II, chassis 218 AMS, was commissioned by C. Matthew Dick of Washington, D.C., an heir to a major business machine company. Brewster was ordered to create a town car unlike any seen before. After a variety of meetings with the coachbuilder and its top designers and artists, the work commenced on this remarkable town car, and their combined vision was eventually achieved when this Brewster-bodied Special Town Car was delivered to its new owner in 1934.

Mr. Dick's future wife was said to be a very beautiful woman, but unfortunately we've never seen any pictures of her. It's a fact, as you can see in these pictures, that her car's hot body is clothed with a very sexy, yet stylish and classy dress!

Brewster Rolls-Royce Phantom II Special Town Car

This Phantom II combines the best styling elements of the era, with its long hood, low razor edge roof design, dramatic V-windshield, German silver hardware and complementing canework. The same degree of attention was paid to the custom fitted interior with its gold-plated hardware, vanity cases, indirect lighting, and wool carpets. All of these elements were perfectly combined to create an exquisite Town Car that was tasteful, elegant and sporty.

The original cost for designing and building this Brewster-bodied masterpiece was an astounding $31,000, making it the most expensive car in the world built that year and over 50-percent more than the Duesenberg SJ Arlington Torpedo Sedan 'Twenty Grand' created by Rollston (founded by a former Brewster employee) that same year.

Brewster Rolls-Royce Phantom II Special Town Car
Brewster Rolls-Royce Phantom II Special Town Car

Mrs. Dick enjoyed the car for many years and eventually kept it at her estate in Newport, Rhode Island, where America's wealthiest families often maintained grand summer homes.

Are you planning on getting married soon? Then this is the gift to present to your wife-to-be! The car will be hammered off during RM's "Sporting Classics of Monaco", the first of May, with an unknown estimate. This Special Town Car will probably not be cheap and maybe it's wise, before spending all your money on the Brewster-bodied Rolls-Royce, to buy your lady an appropriate dress first. And some juwelry, of course.

See more pictures of this car in the gallery.


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