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It's been seven months since we introduced our FORUM and we're happy to inform you that it turned out to be a great success! The forum was created to interact with our readers and to enable you to contribute and discuss anything about any coachbuild related subject. Now it's time to give you an insight in some of the statistics. The forum currently contains 5,307 posts in 1,624 topics. Oh... now it's 5,309 posts... and now 5,311... Anyway... and counting!

Each coachbuilder has its own forum, sorted per country, where you can add your own content about anything related to any specific coachbuilder. Thanks to our enthusiastic members we're learning something new here practically every day!

There are currently 239 coachbuilders listed.
Austria: 1 - Belgium: 6 - Bulgaria: 2 - Czech Republic: 8 - Denmark: 1 - France: 33 - Germany: 21 - Greece: 4 - Holland: 7 - Hungary: 2 - Italy: 41 - Luxemburg: 3 - Poland: 4 - Romania: 1 - Spain: 7 - Sweden: 3 - Switzerland: 15 - United Kingdom: 34 - North America: 37 - South America: 4 - Asia: 2 and Australia: 3.

There's also a "Non Specific" section where we discuss mystery coachbuilders and where new names can be nominated to be enlisted.

We like to honor our top ten posters and thank them for their many contributions.

1     João Gazineu: 1336 posts (Very allround knowledgable and only 19 years old)
2     Aymami: 914 posts (French, Italian and Duesenberg enthusiast)
3     Michiel Mobiel: 761 posts (Moderator, French and Italian oriented)
4     robgeelen: 674 posts (Human encyclopedia on Rolls-Royce & Bentley)
5     Mårten: 187 posts (Prefers the more extravagant bodies)
6     biz5300: 170 posts (Classic car hunter, able to find the most obscure)
7     franck.kegelart: 121 posts (Contributing all over the forum)
8     pan68: 119 posts (Italian oriented)
9     monte carlo: 102 posts (Specialized in the Eastern European coachbuilders)
10   FrankWo: 101 posts (Valuable source with his 13.000 kg collection of literature)

Special thanks goes to our #1 contributor João Gazineu, who has recently been appointed 'Forum admin'. He is a great help in administrating the message board and giving the other contributors what they need. It is amazing to see how much knowledge this 19 year old car-nut has about the Classics!

We are also very proud to know that many owners of special coachbuilt cars regularly consult the board. They are warmly welcomed to provide our readers with their fascinating knowledge of the history and status of their respective cars. If you want your car to be added to the forum and/or the main website's gallery, but you prefer to remain anonymous, then contact Michiel van den Brink: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We look forward to meeting you at the forum! Click here to go to the Forum and you can register by clicking here.

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