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Fine Art Prints by Automobilist

Fine Art Prints by Automobilist


The Automobilist company recaptures legendary motoring stories by using modern technologies to create premium artworks, in partnership with iconic automotive personalities and brands. Their combination of professional photography and cutting-edge 3D computer graphics results in fascinating artworks, created in unique limited series. 

Meticulously developed, days and weeks are spent on research to guarantee every detail is accurate – from the grandest sunsets, down to the smallest nuts and bolts. Attention to detail means an average of 1000 hours is devoted to rebuilding each vehicle. A single image requires approximately 2-3 months of craft, with a team of 8 highly talented and passionate individuals, and up to 50 cast and crew members.

Being blown away by their unique approach and breathtaking artistic results, Coachbuild started a partnership with Automobilist by offering a fine selection of their most unique artworks in our Automobilia Shop with a unique discount:

10% discount only at Coachbuild.com!

All artworks are available in 3 sizes. The largest size artworks are even limited to 5 pieces only, so don't miss this opportunity!

Our framed options comprise a dark brown hand-made oak frame with an embossed matt, anti-reflective glass and adequate packaging for safe transportation. Individual framing options are available upon request.

Each Fine Art print is special and carries a unique number. Medium and Large Fine Arts are also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

We ship all medium and large artworks worldwide. Framed artworks are heavy and fragile, please contact us for appropriate shipping and handling options.


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