Carlo Riva, la leggenda, il mito (book & drawings)

Carlo Riva, la leggenda, il mito (book & drawings)


Carlo Riva, la leggenda, il mito.

(Carlo Riva, The Legend, The Myth.)

This two volume boxed set is an unparalleled resource. It is a "must have" for any owner or prospective owner of a classic Riva.
The 2 books are printed in a large format with photos or graphics on most pages. The pictures are very interesting for an afficionado of the Italian Riva-brand mahogany runabouts and utility boats known primarily for their astonishing success among wealthy and aristocratic owners during the 1950s, '60s and '70s.

Books and drawings are in excellent condition. Some aging on slipcase.

Includes 10 foto-copied 'records' from the factory, to which the author Gabellinni had free access:

1. Riva Ariston 1970

2. Riva Florida 1952

3. Riva Junior 1970

4. Riva Sebino

5. Riva Olimpic 1970

6. Riva Aquarama 1970

7. Riva Aquarama Special

8. Riva Tritone 1952

9. Riva Rudy

10. Riva Corsa


  • - 1996 Prima Edizione (first edition)

    - Language: Italian

    - Author: Piero M. Gibellini

    - 2 Volumes Slipcased

    - Including 10 large scale drawings (photocopies)

    - Location: The Netherlands. We ship worldwide.



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