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 Post subject: Mario Revelli di Beaumont
PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:55 pm 
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Mario Revelli di Beaumont (Rome, June 25, 1907 - Grugliasco, May 29, 1985) born in an ancient and noble family of the Piedmont. Mario inherited an interest in mechanics from his father Abiel, an army officer and planner of automatic weapons. (Glisenti semi-automatic pistol mod.1910, Fiat machine gun mod. 1914 and Fiat machine pistol mod.1915 patented by colonel Revelli)
In 1922 he attended to the Nunziatella Royal Military College of Naples and at the same time devoted himself to the design of motorcycle frames, driven by his older brother Gino, who was a motorcycle dealer in Turin.The two brothers carried out the GR 500, a race bike that won the Grand Prix delle Nazioni at Monza in 1925 driven by Mario.
After completing his studies in Naples, began to provide a collaboration at the Stabilimenti Farina in Turin, where he gave a significant contribution to the creation of luxury bodies for the Fiat 525 and the Isotta Fraschini chassis.
His collaboration soon spread to other famous names at the time, such as Montescani, Casaro and Ghia. Since 1929 he co-operated with the Fiat carrozzerie speciali section. Here he designed luxury and sport cars, but he got many contributions to several standard models too. He collaborated also with Fiat avionics designing seats and aircraft interiors. During his collaboration with Fiat, he began to work on some special projects, like the minivan concept vehicle at the time virtually nonexistent. These projects would have remained buried for several years at Fiat, then take the form of about twenty years later (Fiat 600 multipla).
In 1930, the S.A. carrozzeria Pinin Farina was founded and, at the same time his career at Fiat, Mario Revelli collaborated with this new company too.
In 1935 he designed the body, innovative for its time, of the Fiat 6C 1500 sedan. During the second half of the '30s he worked especially with Pininfarina, Bertone and Viotti. In this period the stylistic trend across Europe was to sinuous and very aerodynamic lines, with a special display of fairdings. Some Revelli' examples are the 1934 Alfa Romeo 8C2300 coupè by Viotti , the 1937 Fiat 527S sedan by Bertone, the 1937 Alfa Romeo berlinetta Pescara aerodinamica by Pininfarina, the 1938 Lancia Astura berlinetta speciale by Pininfarina, and the 1939 Fiat 6C1500 spyder speciale by Stabilimenti Farina. This style, known by the flamboyant French term, had its greatest exponent in Italy right in Mario Revelli di Beaumont. In the same period he set up also the studies of a 3 passengers Taxi and of a 3 wheels micro car both with the electric traction. Later he made the projects for a luggage trailer, a caravan and a camper. Revelli invented many parts for the vehicles too, like handlocks, the retractable headlights, the panoramic roof and the deflector.
Virtually, Revelli was also the master of Giovanni Michelotti, the young chief designer at the Stabilimenti Farina in 1938. Thanks to his influence he gave a strong imprint on him.
With the outbreak of the WWII, he converted his business purposes related to the event in progress, planning the conversion of civilian specimens to military vehicles. Particularly important was the collaboration with Viotti for the project of an ambulance based on the Fiat 1100 chassis and with Viberti for a mobile radio station beased on the Alfa Romeo 500 chassis. In 1945 he was imprisoned by the German occupiers on suspicion to be faithful to the monarchy. Fortunately he was saved by the GL partisans of Turin.
After the war Mario Revelli resumed the collaboration with Pininfarina, Fiat, Siata and Viotti. In 1946 he invented the famous "functional body" for the Fiat 1100 Wagon by Viotti, the car that gave birth to the modern station wagon.
In 1952 he went to the USA where he’ll work with General Motors for citycars projects, a project very future-oriented, especially in a market like the USA.
In 1954 he returned to Italy, where he began to collaborate with Simca, thanks to his friendship with Pigozzi, from whom he drew some body parts for the Simca 8 and for the Aronde, he contributed to the shape of the Simca 1300 and he gave a more than significant contribution to the definition of the shape of the Simca 1000.
He got also a collaboration with the Aermacchi company to the futuristic, but unfortunate project of the motorcycle "Chimera", presented at the Milan Show in 1956.
In 1963 he returned to work with Pininfarina, but at the same time tighten further links and advises to the overseas companies.
Later, Mario Revelli, now elderly, worked in education, advising the School of Art and Design in Turin, as well as the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.
Mario Revelli di Beaumont died on May 29, 1985 at his mansion in Grugliasco (TO).

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 Post subject: Re: Mario Revelli di Beaumont
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thank you for this - much more than i had been able to find out - the Pescara is my favourite car.
of all time.

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