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Post subject:  General info about Vanden Plas (UK)

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Vanden Plas originated in Belgium in 1870 as 'Van den Plas'.
The company first appeared in the United Kingdom in 1906 when Métallurgique cars were imported with Van den Plas coachwork. In about 1910 Warwick Wright, a British motor company, purchased the United Kingdom rights to the Van den Plas name and established Vanden Plas Ltd. Van den Plas Belgium and Vanden Plas UK co-existed for many years.

During World War I Vanden Plas became involved in aircraft production and was bought by the Aircraft Manufacturing Company based at Hendon, London. The company seems to have struggled to get back into coachbuilding and in 1922 went into receivership. The exclusive UK rights purchase seems also to have gone as in the early 1920s the Belgian firm was exhibiting at the London Motor Show alongside the British company.

The rights to the Vanden Plas name and the goodwill were purchased by the Fox brothers who moved the company from Hendon to Kingsbury and built on the contacts with Bentley that had been made. Between 1924 and 1931, when Bentley failed, Vanden Plas built the bodies for over 700 of their chassis.

In the 1930s the company became less dependant on one car maker and supplied coachwork to such as Alvis, Armstrong-Siddeley, Bentley, Daimler, Lagonda and Rolls-Royce.
The company also updated its production methods and took to making small batches of similar bodies.

With the outbreak of war in 1939 the company went back into aircraft work and coachbuilding stopped. With peace in 1945 the company looked to restart its old business, but a surprising new customer came along. Austin wanted to produce a luxury car and approached Vanden Plas.

In 1946 Vanden Plas became a subsidiary of the Austin Motor Company and produced its A135 Princess model. From 1958 this also started to involve chassis assembly and the Austin (by now British Motor Corporation or BMC) board recognised Vanden Plas as a motor manufacturer in its own right and in 1960 the Austin Princess became the Vanden Plas Princess.

Following the demise of the BMC Conglomerate, which at one point encompassed over 40 British marques, the Vanden Plas name was acquired by Jaguar Cars. The North American rights to the name were also sold on and reside with the Jaguar division of Ford. Introduced by Jaguar cars in 1968 (Jaguar had acquired Daimler in 1960), the Daimler DS420 Limousine was a replacement for the aging Austin Princess.

There also was a company "Willy van den Plas" in France, but this establishment had no relations to the Belgian and British coachbuilding companies.

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