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 Post subject: Vanden Plas Cadillac V-16 # 702298 Nawab of Bahawalpur
PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2018 10:17 pm 

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The Cadillac V-16 Model 452 was and will remain an icon of superlative design excess for the world to marvel at, due primarily to the 452 cubic inch 7440 cc 45º sixteen cylinder engine, which not only propelled the company into the stratosphere of grand Marques and also pulled a really heavy 6000 lbs monster effortlessly on the road albeit with great trepidation in the time of the great depression. It seems there is little chance that such a car is approved for production again by a car company, as was done by the Board of Governors on that fortuitous day.
Clearly, the Owen Nacker V-16 engine is the proverbial jewel in the crown of the extravagant motor car as well as the motor company. The engine overshadows the immensely more convenient synchromesh transmission and the dual fuel system, which set a new standard of reliability and usability with redundant safety only seen again with the Boeing 747. The only fly in the ointment that mars the car are the abominable Johnson carburetors.
In the entire series 452 production just ten were right hand drive cars. Of those ten only four were supplied as bare chassis to coach builders.
1. #702280 (style 4175, to London via Antwerp), see 702880 below also.
2. #702297 (bare chassis, to London, Van den Plas),
3. #702298 (bare chassis, to London, Van den Plas),
4. #702746 (style 4175 to Governor of Gibraltar via Madrid)
5. #702747 (style 4380, to Port Elizabeth),
6. #702871 (style 4260)
7. #702873 (bare chassis, to London - Lancefield, UK),
8. #702880 (style 4175) , export London via Antwerp port for US Embassy London.
9. #702927 (style 4260 Fleetwood dual cowl phaeton, ordered by Maharaja of Patiala later gifted to Maharaja of Tekari
10. #703136 ~ 703152 ~ 700066 (bare chassis, to France, Pininfarina boat tail for Maharaja of Orrcha, later with Sheikh Mukhtar before export to USA.)
Since 98 % were factory bodied out of a choice of 65~70 styles built mostly by Fleetwood, the 31 bare chassis supplied to outside carrosserie are of special interest. As already mentioned, out of these the four bare chassis in Right Hand Drive are a further rarity. These are:
a) 702297 Landaulet limousine, Vanden Plas, Brussels Belgium, commissioned by Lendrum & Hartman for Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, but cancelled and sold to Mr. Guinness of Guinness Brewery.
b) 702298 Sports Sedan, Vanden Plas Brussels Belgium, commissioned by Lendrum & Hartman, bought by Nawab of Bahawalpur from their showroom after London Motor Show and various concourse de elegance successes on the continent.
c) 702873 Convertible Victoria, Lancefield U.K ,
d) 703136 ~ 703152 ~ 700066 Boat tail 2 +2 by Pinin Farina commissioned by Maharaja of Orrcha.
The Chassis 702297 and 702298 were shipped together on July 9, 1930, to Captain F.W. Hartman and Major E. Howard of Lendrum & Hartman, the long-standing Cadillac-LaSalle sales outlet in London's fashionable Albermarle street, at numbers 26B and C; Captain Hartman was CEO and he entered many of his personal Cadillacs in concours d'Elégance, at home and abroad, where he won many premier awards. His request for the RHD Chassis was accepted as he made out a case that European buyers prefer European styles and body makers. The first sale was to the order of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Vanden Plas Belgium was an obvious choice. These two Right Hand Drive chassis were sent to M/s Vanden Plas, Brussels, Belgium (which notable carrosserie had time on their hands with Bentley, their main bread winner, going out of business recently). They created two quite unique bodies for the V-16, one a staid landaulet being too late a design for 1930 and the other a very futuristic sports sedan with dickey, meant for continental touring with latest torch bearing design trends.
1. 702297 with Landaulet limousine body made in Brussels by Vanden Plas to the design requirements of Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands (1890-1948), with chassis supplied by M/s Lendrum & Hartman, London. It was not delivered to the Queen as the palace advised her that austerity measures in times of the economic depression which had engulfed Europe also, dictated that she not be seen indulging. The car was picked up by the Guinness family no doubt with efforts of Captain Hartman who was welcome in high society of London. It was on display in Louwman museum in the Netherlands and has history available. Interior appointments and extensive woodwork is similar to #702298 Sports Sedan erected at the same time.

2. 702298 is presently in Pakistan. It has been taken out of dry storage in the Sadiq Garh Palace motor garages in 2012, after about 60 years. It carried Palace registration BWP 133.

Photo circa 2004, when the garages were opened by order of the Government of Pakistan for auction of movable assets between the heirs. Note the head lamps which went missing soon after this photo was taken.

At Sadiq Garh Palace, in a hall which once housed the Palace museum, in Feb 2005.

3. This car was made in Brussels by Vanden Plas Belgium to the specifications of Captain Hartman of Lendrum & Hartman, Albemarle street, London , the purveyor of Cadillac cars in UK and Europe. This car was for showing the V-16 off on the European circuit for a clientele that needed a fast elegant car for continental touring which could be chauffeur driven for a night at the tables at Monaco or self driven to the south of France.
4. The Body identification tag was 8837 KX 150 and the Vanden Plas job number was 4997 as marked on all parts made for this chassis. This body was erected alongside the Landaulet body on 702297 which ended up with the Guinness family in London.

5. Upon delivery, Captain Hartman took the car on a European tour, entering various concours d’ elegance. Following Picture shows 702298, in winter 1930 somewhere in Europe possibly Paris.

6. Finally the car was returned to U.K and was shown at the London Motor Show, where the profuse and abundant woodwork in Tiger Maple was remarked upon by the press. Unsold at the show, it was advertised in The Motor, for sale from the showroom in March 1931

7. It caught the eye of the young Nawab of Bahawalpur, who had a large estate consisting of Ardene and the surrounding woodland on the outskirts of Farnham, Surrey and spent summer months in U.K with his English wife, escaping the heat of Bahawalpur. The Nawab was very fond of cars and being very rich could afford to buy cars at whim. (Apart from regular purchases of bespoke bodied Rolls Royces, he had also purchased a RR Phantom-I 45WR tourer from the 1928 Cairo Show, as well as a special bodied Lancia Lambda from the Paris show).
8. The advertised car was perfect for him as he was fond of driving himself in U.K, something frowned upon in his State, with his ADC and chauffeur in other cars following. He used the car at his Surrey estate with trips to Monaco and South of France being made. He also kept a permanent suite at the Savoy hotel, London with parking space and was fond of racing his house guests from Surrey to the hotel and was politely allowed to win.
9. Unlike his peers, this ruler was a teetotaler and the contents and furnishings of the central cabinet at the rear were removed. However following the derier cri he had added a Lalique Tete de Paon radiator mascot on a Breves mount with light. It can be seen on the car in the following picture of the lineup. Of course his monogram of two intertwined A’s were hand painted on the rear doors.
10. In 1933 the car with some 6000 miles on the odometer was sent to the Sadiq Garh Palace Motorkhana to join the personal fleet of the Nawab after Ms/ Barker did some alterations, namely the fenders painted Black and Black vinyl roof with front visor, addition of a spot lamp on front left and a Stephan Grebel spot light on the right hand side.

11. In 1933 the Nawab was informed of the impending visit, first of the Commander in Chief of British Indian Army in 1934 and followed by the Viceroy of India to his state, as per protocol extended to the major states whose rulers were awarded the GCSIE (Grand Commander Star of India). The Bahawalpur court wanted befitting carriages for the use of the dignitaries. For this purpose the RR PI 45WR, the touring car (in Nile Blue and Ivory colour) , bought from the Cairo Show , the Cadillac V-16 as well as numerous other Rolls Royces ( 82RM, 39MC ) were sent to M/s Barker & Co. U.K , his favourite coachmaker, for re-bodying into formal carriages, sports sedans or in case of the V-16, giving formal colours and interior. The Silver Ghost 82RM and Phantom I 45 WR getting Pullman limousine de ville bodies. This was also the time period when tourers were giving way to closed cars. The Nawab’s Hooper bodied two seater Phantom I 39MC was also sent to Barker and given a sports sedan body named the sunshine saloon, with same design elements as the V-16. Note the center hinged doors, dickey incorporated in bodywork and the windscreen visor and a very large sunroof like the V-16. A more profound similarity in concept is in the Nawab’s 1937 RR Phantom III sports sedan which shows similar owner driver plus chauffeur use concept, centre hinged doors etc. Like the V-16, this car also supported a Stephan Grebel spot lamp on the driver’s side later removed.

12. Barker & Co. also altered the flamboyant, by British standards, V-16 in January 1934, with a colour change, the body now a dark sea green with black fenders, and maroon leather to front and back with maroon carpet. The chrome hinges and the window chrome garnish were also painted body colour. Flag staffs were added to fenders, and to the top of wind screen as well as the grill stone guard. The right hand side Stephan Grebel lamp was also removed. A rear view mirror was added to the right hand A-pillar. The Lalique mascot and the lighting wires were removed, but the switch on the dashboard was left in place.

13. In that era of princely states, the re bodying or colour changes were also part of a stratagem followed by the various princely states to keep the public and other princes guessing at the number of cars their prince had in a one-upmanship ploy. While the princes had untold wealth, their British overlords did not approve of ostentatious spending hence most Princes had complete workshops with paint facilities. However Nawab Bahawalpur preferred to send his cars, by ship through the suez canal, to Barker & Co. for servicing before WW II. This is one reason that a lot of people have commented that there were two or more Cadillac V-16s in Bahawalpur State.
14. The car was then shipped with the other cars to Bahawalpur, and its first formal outing was in company of RR 45WR when Sir Philip Chetwode the C-in-C British Indian Army paid a visit to grant colours to the Bahawalpur regiment on 15 Jan 1935. Here it is seen behind the RR 45 WR , with the Field Marshall being received by the heir apparent Prince Abbas Khan Abbasi.

Note the use of Automobile Association badges on both cars. These incidentally loosely resembled the Nawab’s personal monogram painted on the rear doors of the cars and were left on in Bahawalpur. Both cars are carrying formal “ BAHAWALPUR” red plates instead of the red BWP 97 ( RR P-I) and BWP 133 ( Cadillac V-16) numbers allotted by the Palace.
15. The V-16 was used primarily in the Bahawalpur State during the period 1935 to 1947, for carrying the dignitaries and other princes visiting Bahawalpur and was always shown off as a unique car with sixteen cylinders among a plethora of Rolls Royces and Packards, by the Nawab. A highlight was the visit of the Viceroy Lord Linlithgow to Bahawalpur in 1937 where the V-16 was pressed in service (along with RR Phantom-I 45WR which, with its Pullman de ville body offering much more headroom, was for the Viceroys use as he was an exceptionally tall man.
16. After the war years came the partition of India into India and Pakistan, with the Nawab of Bahawalpur acceding to Pakistan. He was by this time a sick man with diabetes and spending more time in U.K than in Bahawalpur. His cars were frequently photographed and sent to him. By this time he had also removed his world class train sets and stamp collection reputed to be second only to the Queen of England, to his Surrey estate.

17. Thus followed a period where the cars were laid up in the Sadiq Garh Palace’s private garages (called Motorkhana Nij. “Khana” is house in urdu language so motorkhana is motor house, “Nij” is private as opposed to state cars). These can be seen in the earlier picture and housed two cars in tandem per garage. The cars were initially under wraps and maintained but in 1955 the Bahawalpur State was merged with Pakistan and His Highness the Nawab only remained a titular head with a privy purse.
18. While the Nawab continued to buy cars, mostly Rolls Royces, in UK, using them for a year or so and sending them to Bahawalpur to be locked up in the garages, the V-16 and other cars were not to see the light of day till 1969, when the Government was to have an inventory made of the private possessions of HH for distribution among the heirs. Interestingly the Nawab’s staff found that there were UK registrations starting with BWP and they promptly registered the Nawab’s U.K based cars in that county to get BWP plates which meant Bahawalpur in Pakistan.
19. With the demise of the Nawab in 1966, the Government of Pakistan took over the estate and his private movable and immovable assets were catalogued and distributed among the ten sons, ten daughters and the three living Begums (wives) through a gazette notification in 1969. This distribution is difficult to make sense of today but suffice it to say that the Govt. assessor put the prewar Rolls Royces, Packards and Cadillacs at par value with the then new VW micro buses. Some got a Rolls Royce and some the VW’s. It must be remembered that prewar cars were of little value and more a curiosity at that time..
20. The Cadillac V-16 was to become the property of Princess Shafiqa Abbasi, a favourite daughter of the Nawab from an American wife. Her sister Princess Sadiqa Abbasi got the 1929 Packard 740. Both Princesses accepted and took their share, as did the princes who got the VW microbuses, but the rest of the male heirs had a conflict with the Government of Pakistan over just distribution and the remaining cars and other assets were sealed up. Out of sheer respect the Princes had not disputed the cars given to the Princesses and widows so the V-16, Packard, a RR P-III had been handed over to new owners in 1967.
(The disputed cars were finally sold through auction among the heirs in 2004).
21. For Princess Shafiqa Abbasi, the Cadillac V-16 was just an old car and her nephew Prince Salahuddin Abbasi, heir of the succeeding Nawab Abbas Khan Abbasi acquired the car, which was registered in his father’s name. This was the first time these cars were registered with the Government motor registration department, as the state had ceased to exist. The V-16 carrying Palace BWP133 red plates was given BR4129. After the death of Nawab Abbas Khan Abbasi, Prince Salahuddin Abbasi was recognized by the family as the Nawab and head of the erstwhile Abbasi ruling family.

22. In 2012 the Cadillac V-16 ownership passed to current owner Mr. Rizwan Butt, after having remained in the same royal family for three generations. The car had deteriorated paint but was completely rust free due to dry desert clime of Bahawalpur. The leather upholstery, though intact was fragile. Mechanically the car had received brass floats for the Johnson carburetors; the piston from the vacuum pump was missing as was the breather tube for the fuel tank. The original French Grey and light grey colours were intact under the badges etc. and have been replicated for the re paint. The Willocq et Bottin lamps were missing and the car had the Grebel side lamp and a Rotax lamp fitted in place of the headlamps.

24. The Vanden Plas design has elements borrowed from Madame X sedans having similar raked wind screen but without the visor. Other ground breaking features are the centre hinged doors with four chromed hinges for each door. The dickey (trunk ) incorporated into the body with fitted trunks. A very large opening sun roof for front passengers. Separate step plates wrongly presumed to be retracting. The very large V-16 headlamps were substituted with even larger Belgian made Willocq et Bottin Supralux headlamps, seen on some Minervas also, eliminating the crossbar and affixing the monogram to the stone guard grill. The fender and rear lamps of Cadillac were retained. The original colours were French Grey and very light grey with a maroon pinstripe at the waist band which was French Grey. The personal monograms of HH the Nawab Bahawalpur were added to the rear doors later when the car was bought by the ruler. The interior was Grey and maroon with very fine Tiger Maple wood which is very similar in design and rendition to the 702297 Landaulet. The right side rear quarter has switches for the vanity lights and push buttons for the dictagraph phone. The speaker for this is hidden inside the driver’s seat back. The RHD chassis compromises the removal of the water pump for which the steering shaft and box need to be removed first. Tuning instructions also have to be mirrored as the right hand side access to carburetor push rods etc. is very awkward. The outside door handles are chrome on brass exactly as used by Pininfarina in the Orchha Cadillac with outside locks on the right side front and rear doors. The inside door and window handles may have beeen sourced from 1930 GM/Buick and of Mezak/potmetal. The Trico wipers are operated by the lever on the motor body, the dash switch not having been used.
25. His Highness had a Lalique Tete de Paon ( Peacock head) mascot on a Brevis plinth mount, installed on the radiator with a switch to light it up.
26. In January 1934, Barker & Co. London, U.K added the V-16 windshield visor, added a flag attaching point on the roof as well as on the stone guard grill. The car was seldom seen with any of the mascots and plain town radiator cap was used as otherwise it would interfere with the flag staff. The interior grey and maroon leather was changed to completely maroon with maroon carpet, but the wood work remained as before. The Stephan Grebel lamp was removed and a side rear view mirror added.

HIS HIGHNESS NAWAB HAJI, SIR SADIQ MOHAMMAD KHAN ABBASI V RUKNUD-DAULA, NUSRAT-I-JANG, MUKHLISUL-DAULA, HAFIZUL-MULK , G.C.I.E., K.C.S.I., K.C.V.O., NAWAB & RULER OF BAHAWALPUR, was the tenth and last ruler of his line, of the State of Bahawalpur ( in modern Pakistan) with a 19 gun salute , an area of 17,500 square miles and a population of over one million. He was a senior Maharaja, (called a Nawab for Muslim states) and had been ADC to the King and member of the Chamber of the Princes, minted his own coin and postal stamps.
He was 27 years old, in 1931, when he bought the V-16, , he had recently married a and divorced an Ottoman Turkish princess and also added two 1929 Packard 740, ( one limousine, one two seater roadster) to his personal fleet of 4 Rolls Royce silver Ghosts, three Phantom I’s , and approx. 20 other personal cars, including a Mercedes SSK, by 1930.

File comment: At Sadiq Garh Palace after repaint to Black fenders and sea green body, chrome painted over
Bahawalpur Cadillac V-16 BWP-133 Frt 3Q L Period from HH Feb 7 2015 .jpg
Bahawalpur Cadillac V-16 BWP-133 Frt 3Q L Period from HH Feb 7 2015 .jpg [ 109.01 KiB | Viewed 1304 times ]
File comment: With Lalique Tete de Paon mascot
702298 tete de paon indicated , 1933 motorkhana.jpg
702298 tete de paon indicated , 1933 motorkhana.jpg [ 239.95 KiB | Viewed 1304 times ]
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 Post subject: Re: Vanden Plas Cadillac V-16 # 702298 Nawab of Bahawalpur
PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:50 pm 

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Here are two views of the VdP V-16 as in its second colour scheme 1934 to 2016. Car is now back to its original colour of 1930 i.e French Grey and Light grey with Maroon interior. These pics show the lines and proportions of the VdP design. Photos taken by myself.

VdP V16 2014.JPG
VdP V16 2014.JPG [ 966.09 KiB | Viewed 1208 times ]
VdP V16 frnt qtr 2014.JPG
VdP V16 frnt qtr 2014.JPG [ 1.38 MiB | Viewed 1208 times ]
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 Post subject: Re: Vanden Plas Cadillac V-16 # 702298 Nawab of Bahawalpur
PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:57 am 

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shyml wrote:
Here are two views of the VdP V-16 as in its second colour scheme 1934 to 2016. Car is now back to its original colour of 1930 i.e French Grey and Light grey with Maroon interior. These pics show the lines and proportions of the VdP design. Photos taken by myself.

Here are some latest pictures. The waist line is yet to be painted French Grey ( like the Fenders) and the maroon pinstripe as well as monograms of the Nawab on the rear doors is pending findin someone who can hand paint these). The Stephan Grebel lamp next to the right side A pillar is not mounted yet and I am still working on the roof fabric. The chrome spears on the bonnet doors and monograms on the wheel caps are to be attached after final paint.
The fitted suitcases are original and not restored.
The waistline will make marked change in the profile of the car, giving a look of decreased height and increased length. As is the car has very very good lines in real life.

V 16 No 702298 Vanden Plas  (22).jpg
V 16 No 702298 Vanden Plas (22).jpg [ 477.12 KiB | Viewed 614 times ]
V 16 No 702298 Vanden Plas  (21).jpg
V 16 No 702298 Vanden Plas (21).jpg [ 532.71 KiB | Viewed 614 times ]
V 16 No 702298 Vanden Plas  (20).jpg
V 16 No 702298 Vanden Plas (20).jpg [ 566.04 KiB | Viewed 614 times ]
V 16 No 702298 Vanden Plas  (18).jpg
V 16 No 702298 Vanden Plas (18).jpg [ 175.49 KiB | Viewed 614 times ]
V 16 No 702298 with Tete de Paon & Cadillac  mascot  (1).jpg
V 16 No 702298 with Tete de Paon & Cadillac mascot (1).jpg [ 200.92 KiB | Viewed 614 times ]
V 16 No 702298 fitted trunks Vanden Plas.JPG
V 16 No 702298 fitted trunks Vanden Plas.JPG [ 289.86 KiB | Viewed 614 times ]
File comment: Photos by Author at Lahore, Pakistan
V 16 No 702298 fitted Trunks Vanden Plas 2.jpg
V 16 No 702298 fitted Trunks Vanden Plas 2.jpg [ 320.29 KiB | Viewed 614 times ]
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