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  • Unique Zagato bodied car
  • Impressively documented with a history file which shows the history since day 1 (complete with ORIGINAL invoice of the car when new)
  • Same ownership for over 20 years
  • 1 of only 625 examples built

In 1964 the Lancia Factory in conjunction with Zagato prepared a race version of their Flavia for the 1964 Targa Florio.

A specially built body by Zagato helped to lower the weight of the car by over 220 kg. This also included a clamshell front and much lower roofline. The car was particularly distinguished by the front end with huge air scoops for exceptionally large intake trumpets.

The car was also shortened with a smaller wheelbase for better turn-in. Furthermore the bumpers were removed and a race-spec interior was fitted.

At the 1964 Targa Florio, the Lancia Works team had Marco Crosina and Fernando Frescobaldi enter the Prototipo Zagato with race number 184. They didn’t make the distance after an accident.

Designed by Ercole Spada, Zagato’s main man of the era, it possessed some earlier Zagato motifs, such as the windows into the roofline, which harkened back to the Panoramic Fiats of the early fifties. It was streamlined, but Zagato did not work with a wind tunnel.

Prior to the construction of a larger facility in the late 1960s, Zagato worked primarily in aluminium, and the quest for saving weight carried over into the interior and even the paint. Paint was applied sparingly, in two or three very thin coats. The interiors were also thin, particularly the vinyl. The dashboards were hammered out of very thin aluminium, and often not covered with anything but crackle finish paint.


This specific example is one of a kind. We have so many time the request for history with a car but off-course due to the age of cars and the change of ownerships, the history is mainly lost.
This car is absolutely amazing history file wise.
The entire history from day 1 is coming with the car. Even the ORIGINAL invoice from the Lancia when it was newly bought in 1963 by opera singer Mrs. Buchs Hortense in Hefti.

A variety of original letters between her and the dealer as well as the factory of Lancia can be found in the files as well.

The Lancia has been owned for 30 years by the same family and was then sold to a gentlemen in Holland who kept the car for a short time as he unfortunately passed away soon after he passed away.

Via a dealer the car was sold to a huge collector in Holland who has an amazing collection. We were able to make a deal with this gentlemen as he had a storage problem and decided to exchange a variety of cars with a very expensive car from us.


The condition of the exterior of the Lancia is very nice. The paint is nice as well as the chrome. Also the lining of the door looks very nice.

The impressive rear windows are a very nice design and beautifully integrated in the car. Also the chrome surroundings are very nicely attached and in a wonderful and shiny condition.

By looking overall to the exterior of the car it can be concluded that this car is in a very nice condition but not a freshly over the top restored condition.
It can be seen that the car is not over-restored yesterday but it is just as it should be with a nice patina whereby patina does not mean damages or rust but just a perfect shine of the paint and very very light wearing of the chrome.
If we have to subscribe we would say that the car has a very nice character.


The interior is fabulous. The originality can be seen so easily and according to a letter in the history file the car drove during it’s entire life less then 95.000 kilometers. If we look at the interior of the car it must indeed be correct as the interior is completely original and in an absolute fantastic condition. The leather on the seats is so nice but also the doorcards are in a fantastic original condition without any damages or scratches.
It is very impressive to see that the interior could be so old and still so nice.

All meters are functioning well and are bright.


The Lancia is immediately starting and the car drives very easy and smoothly. The gearbox is shifting easily without strange and unpleasant noises.

The seat comfort is nice as well as the seat position. The car is very light inside which makes it a pleasure to drive.
The overview is due to the amount of glass also excellent.

All-together this is really a fantastic car with an absolute amazing amount of history. The absolute dream of a car collector.

Which car can be bought under € 100.000,- which is a Zagato with such an amazing history file. It is really a unique opportunity.


For more information or an appointment, please call Rutger Houtkamp +31625098150 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone during evenings or in the weekend. The Houtkamp Collection is centrally located near Amsterdam and only 10 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.





  • Model: Lancia Flavia Sport Zagato
  • Year: 1963
  • Coachbuilder: Zagato
  • Designer: Ercole Spada
  • Production nr.: 625
  • Seller: The Houtkamp Collection
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Contact: Tel.: +31625098150 | E-mail: Rutger@Houtkamp.nl
  • Tags: 1963, Ercole Spada, Houtkamp, Lancia, Zagato

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