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Jaguar E-Type Series II Roadster 1970



Five years ago, the Brits proudly celebrated the 50th anniversary of their legendary Jaguar E type. It was 1961 when the world was introduced to the first series, with the 3.8 liter engine, which, by 1974, had become a 5.3 liter, V12 engine. This was an extremely successful model for the British, with no less than Enzo Ferrari praising the E type as "the most beautiful car ever made". And the car’s sales success was not only owing to its design, which can almost be called 'sexy', but also due to the fact that the E type was very affordable for a car offering such superior performance and class. For a similar Ferrari or Maserati, one had to pay three times as much. The low price however also had some relation to the build quality. The engines and gearboxes enjoy a fine reputation, but finding an E type with fully symmetric lines is virtually impossible. One day the bodywork looks more beautifully suspended then on the next day. Paintwork mistakes or even 'sagging' original paint were no exceptions. These are minor, rather unimportant imperfections of course, which one encounters in various places on such cars but which also render older Jaguars even more charming. Most importantly is that an E type is a supremely elegant car with superior driving characteristics; for example, just try finding an engine from that era that runs so wonderfully smooth and quiet. A Bugatti perhaps, but furthermore, the Jaguar engine has little or no competition. And compare her average price with that of a German six-cylinder convertible from that era and one can confidently opt for the E type. This exceptionally beautiful car was perfectly restored in the late 1990s, as the current state of the car’s metal sheeting and overall superiority bears witness to. The engine technology was also completely overhauled at that time. Soft-top, chrome spoke wheels, the interior…all exceptionally beautiful. The photos displayed here were taken in bright sunlight and consequently are not entirely representative of just how stunning and stylish this E type really is. Better photos will follow - if that is she hasn’t already found a new owner in the meantime.


The option lists in the 1960s were very short indeed. The headrests, spoke wheels, leather seats, soft-top cover, radio…all came as standard. This E type is characterized by the black hardtop that combines so beautifully with the body color.


The body, in the rare and remarkable Willow Green color, is exceptionally tight and obviously rust-free. This car was never damaged. The paintwork - now some 18 years after restoration - remains flawless, no stone chips found anywhere. All chrome elements were newly chromed and hence retain a deep shine. Everything is freshly mounted, with new and well-fitting rubbers. The lines of the doors, hood and trunk are exceptionally thin and symmetrical. This car has a supremely stylish look, thanks in no small part to the outstanding color combination, quality of the restoration work, new soft-top and red-lined tires.


A flawless interior. Beautiful, new and supple leather on the seats and door panels. The deep dark green color of the leather suits the car perfectly. This E type’s tasteful, expertly selected classic color combination is very rare indeed. No signs of wear anywhere in the interior. Dark green velour upholstery and mats. Original leather-covered steering wheel. Everything works perfectly. The switches, handles and dials are all flawless and properly functioning.                                                                                         


This E type’s engine compartment is a feast for the eyes; it is clear to see that the engine technology was entirely removed during the restoration and then carefully replaced. Everything was highly treated, freshly repainted or polished, and all rotating mechanics were overhauled. The oil pressure is therefore also very good: the engine does not smoke and runs very quietly and smoothly. All hoses and other elements of the cooling system were renewed. We overhauled the carburetors. See the detailed photos of the pristine engine compartment, which reflects the superior state of the technology. The trunk features a new mat in the proper material, while under the floor one finds the full-size spare tire and original car tools. The spare tire rim is also pristine and rust-free. The spoke wheels are flawless and have excellent classic red-lined Michelin tires all around.



Like most of the Jaguar E types, this car was sold new in the United States in 1970. Since then, the car has had three owners who all took excellent care of her. She was even stored in a climate-controlled collection before ultimately coming to Europe in 2014. This car has won prizes for her overall condition in numerous competitions in the USA. And she is still an eye-catcher, exuding a class and style that attracts the attention of all who enter our showroom. The Jaguar E type continues to increase in popularity and therefore remains a very sound investment, as well as a very enjoyable one. The quoted price includes the classic Dutch license plates, new MOT, comprehensive servicing and maintenance. Consequently, she is eminently ready for the road.


Jaguar E-Type Series II Roadster 1970


SOLD €99.950,-


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