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FIAT-Abarth Monomille GT Coupé 1963


FIAT-Abarth Monomille GT Coupé 1963

Coachwork by Sibona & Basano

Chassis no. 110-0381

* One of four known survivors
* Known ownership history
* Restored between 2009 and 2014
* Correct Monomille GT engine
* Registered in Austria

An innovative concern with a sporting pedigree second to none, Abarth branched out from producing induction and exhaust systems into selling performance kits for production cars, later building a succession of aerodynamically-stylish sports prototypes and limited-series production cars.

Although his competition cars had been immensely successful, what Carlo Abarth lacked was a practical road-going GT car suitable for daily use. The model that filled this gap in the range was the Monomille (single cam, 1,000cc), introduced in 1961. This new pocket-sized Gran Turismo would be offered in two versions: the Monomille Scorpione (1961-1962) bodied by Beccaris, and the 'duck tail' Monomille GT (1963-1965) with bodies by Sibona & Basano. Based on the FIAT 600D platform and featured hand-made aluminium coachwork, these eye-catching little coupés were capable of a top speed of 170-180km/h (105-112mph) depending on gearing, despite having only 60bhp on tap. Three types of Monomille GT were offered: two street versions with bumpers - one with exposed headlights, the other with headlights under Plexiglas cowls; and a lightened competition version with cowled headlights and no bumpers.

Hand built and necessarily expensive, the Monomille cost some 30% more than the contemporary Porsche 356 and sold in limited numbers. Expert opinion differs with regard to the number produced, some sources stating that as many as 100 were made, others as few as 25. Whatever the case, only four street Monomille GTs with bumpers and exposed headlights are known to survive: '110-0386' and '110-0390' in the USA; '110-0380' in Japan; and '110-0381' (the car offered here) in Austria. Today these exclusive and exquisite little sports cars are highly sought after by Abarth collectors. 

This rare Monomille GT was purchased in 1969 by one Walter Salchner, who imported the car from Italy into Austria and registered it as 'T82096'. Prior to importation, the Abarth had had two owners in Italy: Messrs Fontanella and Berlinetti. In September 1971, the Abarth was sold to H Mantl of Tirol, Austria and reregistered as 'T255174' (two images exist from this period). The following year, Mr Mantl sold car to his brother (the registration changing to 'T425263') who sold the car in 1973 to Alfons Mascher. Mr Mascher registered the car (still in Austria) as 'T149352' but destroyed the engine by over-revving it. The car was then de-registered in 1973 and stored.

Some time later, Klaus Novak, together with his brother, a master mechanic at a FIAT specialist, acquired the Monomille from Alfons Mascher, though the exact date is uncertain. An Abarth HP70A engine was installed and the car reregistered in September 1986.

In 1990 the Abarth was sold to Dr Norbert Gelleschun, President of Abarth Germany, who overhauled the car mechanically and increased engine power to approximately 80PS (documents available). The present owner purchased the Monomille in November 2008. Between 2009 and 2014, the car was fully restored in Austria by a specialist repair/body shop in Spittal, the works being documented by numerous invoices totalling €66,736, and two files of photographs. During the course of the rebuild, an original Monomille GT engine (bought from the Englebert Moell Abarth Collection in Switzerland) was installed by the German Abarth specialist, Leo Aumüller.

Accompanying documentation consists of the aforementioned restoration records; two professional appraisals; and the Austrian Einzelgenehmigung listing the owners in Austria. Presented in breathtakingly beautiful condition, '0381' represents a possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one of these exciting little Abarth GT cars. 


FIAT-Abarth Monomille GT Coupé 1963


Sold for €103,500


  • Model: FIAT-Abarth Monomille GT Coupé
  • Year: 1963
  • Coachbuilder: Sibona & Basano
  • Production nr.: 4 survived
  • Seller: Bonhams
  • Country: Italy
  • Contact: www.bonhams.com
  • Auction: The PADUA AUCTION
  • Auction date: 28 October 2017
  • Tags: 1963, Abarth, Bonhams, coupe, Fiat, Sibona & Basano

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