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Alfa Romeo Montreal 1972



The Alfa Romeo Montreal - stunning design by Marcello Gandini, who also designed the legendary Lamborghini Miura and its iconic air vents behind the doors - was unveiled at Expo ‘67 in 1967 in Montreal, Canada. It was there that this concept car got its unofficial name - Montreal - from the Canadian public, and later the factory officially adopted the name. Like the more recent C8, the Montreal at that time was, in terms of design technology, far ahead of the average 4 cylinders offered by Alfa Romeo. Hence, the Montreal features a V8 engine based on the legendary 33 Stradale, a 5-speed from the German ZF, a limited anti-slip differential, dry sump lubrication, SPICA injection system, and, last but not least, a beautiful design. And the most eye-catching features: headlight covers that fold away when the lights are in use, the hood’s beautifully camouflaged arch, and air vents like those also on a Miura. Air vents which, incidentally, actually did initially intake air, because the first design called for a mid-engine. The vents are now one of the Montreal’s finest design elements. Click on the photos of the speedometer and tachometer to see just how unique this Montreal is down to the finest detail. In recent years this car has been one of the fastest rising stars in the classic car firmament, and for rather inexplicable reasons many of these cars underwent restorations that were often poorly executed. This extraordinary Montreal however only had a cosmetic restoration, which incidentally was done exceedingly well. Painted only once for cosmetic reasons. And that repainting deserves special mention: a masterpiece! This car has been so infrequently driven that it remains in its original state, which makes this Montreal a very special iconic classic car indeed.


Equipped with power windows, tinted glass, alloy Campagnolo wheels and mountain-grade horn. And back then Alfa’s option list wasn’t much longer than that. The air conditioning deserves special mention, as reportedly there are less than 500 Alfa Romeo Montreal’s in the world equipped with air conditioning.


Bertone built an assembly and painting factory in Grugliasco especially for the Montreal, where the bodies were brought ‘naked’, where they were degreased, fitted with a zinc layer and underlayer. Only then was the final paintwork applied to a body that was electrically charged for optimal adhesion. Thanks to this method, there are still original preserved bodies to be found, which have only been repainted for cosmetic reasons. This model comes in the fine and rare Bianco, in which the beautiful design comes into its own. Professionally repainted last year. Perfectly smooth and speck-free. This cool car was never welded. Perfect lines, bumpers and trim - in mint condition. Original and undamaged windows. Fully functioning headlight covers.


The interior of this Montreal is a true time machine, entirely original, as it was delivered in 1972. No notable signs of wear anywhere. The flawless, upholstered fabric on the seats reveals just how little this car was used. Original Hellebore steering wheel. No heat-induced cracks on the dashboard. Floor coverings are pristine. All switches and handles in perfect working order.


The engine compartment is completely original and pristine. The impressive V8 still has the original factory paint on the valve covers - no ingrained oily residue. This car offers more than a glimpse of how this car originally left the factory back in 1972. Moreover, it’s clear to see that it has been regularly serviced over the years, and only with all the proper materials. There is still a sticker detailing the factory’s oil requirements stuck on the underside of the hood. The pristine trunk retains the original upholstery and contains the original jack and spare tire. The 14-inch Campagnolo alloy wheels are flawless, free of any parking damage or brake grime, with excellent tires all around.


To find a hard, unrestored and well preserved Montreal is the dream of every collector who collects intelligently. Indeed, the degree of originality is an increasing important factor in valuations of classic cars like this one. Thin, even, speck-free paintwork, visible flanged edges and spot welds are a must. This model, recently imported from Italy, is a stellar example of just how beautiful and sturdy an Alfa body from that time can be. Thanks to the mild climate and garage storage, this Montreal is extremely well preserved. Seldom have I seen such a beautiful body. The previous two Italian owners understood right from the moment of purchase that a Montreal could and would become a highly valued classic car and thus they proceed to handle her with extreme care. The tight, rust-free metal plating, original interior and neatly maintained engine compartment are proof of this Montreal’s mint condition.


Alfa Romeo Montreal 1972




  • Model: Alfa Romeo Montreal
  • Year: 1972
  • Coachbuilder: Bertone
  • Designer: Marcello Gandini
  • Production nr.: 3900
  • Seller: Witmer & Odijk
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Contact: Tel. +31 (0)71 - 579 05 34 / Mob. +31 (0)6 - 54 285 567
  • Tags: 1972, Alfa Romeo, Bertone, Gandini, Witmer Odijk

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