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Video: 1965 Targa Florio 'Mountain Legend'
Targa Florio 1965

I'm sure the legendary Targa Florio street race needs no introduction.
Here is 'Mountain Legend', a series of videos for you to enjoy this gloomy weekend.
Special Coachbuilt Corvettes
Corvette Z06 chassis

We've seen several Special Coachbuilt Corvettes in the past by a.o. Pininfarina, Vignale, Ghia and Scaglietti, but the current model, the C6, has rapidly become the most popular Corvette amongst coachbuilders. The sixth generation Corvette - designed with the European customer in mind - is considered the best 'Vette' ever by car enthusiasts all over the world. Some even say it's the best American Muscle Car of all times. We'd rather leave judgement to the customers, but what we do like to point out, is that the relatively lowtech C6 platform is a very good base for some very interesting Coachbuilt Specials. Let's have a look at seven reskinned Corvettes by four coachbuilders.

Three cars, two auctions, one weekend...
Paris auctions

... and all in one city!! Februari 7th and 8th, Paris is the place to be. Three famous coachbuilt cars will be offered by two auction houses in the French capital.
Honey! Get packed! I take you to Paris!
Gallery update #1
Coachbuilders Gallery

Our Coachbuilders Gallery is a continuously expanding overview of all coachbuilders and their numerous creations from past to present. The many pictures and information are collected from all over the internet and sent in by many enthusiasts. There are currently 59 coachbuilders present in this gallery and a whole lot more on our to-do list.

Vandenbrink GTO wins GOOD DESIGN AWARD
Vandenbrink 599/630 GTO

The Vandenbrink GTO - a very limited coachbuilt Ferrari 599 GTB - has been awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2008. As far as we know, this is the first time ever a modern Special Coachbuilt car has been given such a prestigious design award.
Guess this car #1
Guess this car #1

Every now and thewn we will post a mystery car for you to guess. We start with a relatively easy one. Please name the brand, model and coachbuilder and post your answer in the comments below this article.
Is this Himiko Special Coachbuilding too?
Mitsuoka Himiko

Japanese motoring company Mitsuoka presents a very retro Brit-style Mazda MX5: the Himiko. This car is named after a Japanese Goddess. Mitsuoka is famous for taking Japanese cars and making them look old school and very English. Japanese like this kind of stuff.
One-off Miura up for sale
Bertone Lamborghini Miura Spyder

According to Joe Sackey’s ‘The Lamborghini Miura Bible’ – to be published later this year – it might just be the most exhibited Miura of all time. And it is up for sale now.
SP1: Fioravanti's take on Ferrari's F430.
Fioravanti Ferrari SP1

Several spy shots of the latest Ferrari Coachbuilt Special have been circulating the web for some months, but now, thanks to automotive detective Jeroen Booij, it is 'semi'-official. Fioravanti's take on the Ferrari F430 is called SP1 and has just been delivered to its owner Junichiro Hiramatsu.
Where is Michelotti’s D-type?
Michelotti Jaguar D-Type

It’s not the first time a car with an unusual history intrigues me. But mostly they are specialist cars that raise not more then an eyebrow to so-called connoisseurs. This time however it is an unloved Jaguar D-type. Really.
Concours 'Het Loo' 2008
Pininfarina Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Coupe Speciale 1949

What to tell about the concours d'élégance that took place in the gardens of the Dutch Royal Palace ‘Het Loo’? A bit late (the concours was held at August 31), but we could not think of the appropriate words for this report...
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