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1974 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Panther Shooting Break
Ferrari 365 GTB Panther Shooting Break

The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona with chassis number 15275 was rebodied in 1974, receiving a very special Shooting Break design fabricated by Panther Westwinds and designed by Luigi Chinetti Jr. and Gene Garfinkle.
Ferrari 365 GTB Panther Shooting Break

In the past, horse carriages were used during big hunting events. They were fixed with seats inside to give the hunting party the opportunity to enjoy food and drinks. These carriages were called "Shooting Breaks" or "Shooting Brakes".
The first automobiles called Shooting Break were built before World War I to transport the dogs and guns for the hunting event. Also after World War II wonderful Shooting Breaks, generally based on a two-seater luxury sports coupes, were crafted for hunting on private estates or for carrying the special gear required for country sportsmen or falconry. One of them is this special Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Shooting Break.

Ferrari 365 GTB Panther Shooting Break

The Panther Shooting Break is based on a 1972 365 GTB/4 Daytona.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

Luigi ("Lou" or "Coco") Chinetti Junior, son of the three-time Le Mans winner and U.S. Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti Senior, chose to experiment with the Daytona's design and penned an idea for a more functional and practical Ferrari with detail layout by Gene Garfinkle. He convinced Bob Gittleman, an architect in Florida, that a Daytona wagon would be the ultimate answer to everyday shopping. In 1974 Bob Jankle of Panther Westwinds in England was asked to perform the conversion. After many months the car was completed and Mr. Chinetti and Gittleman agreed that the craftsmen at Panther did an excellent job. However, according to a former owner, the "gullwing" doors were always a problem. They lifted at speed, only being held in place by the locking mechanism.

Ferrari 365 GTB Panther Shooting Break

The design recalls the famous Ferrari 250 GT SWB 'Breadvan' with its extended roofline and steeply sloped rear end. The side windows curve into the roof for visibility and an airy feel. The taillights are mounted behind the enormous rear window.

Ferrari 365 GTB Panther Shooting Break

The rear end is clearly inspired by the Volvo P1800 "Beachcar" prototype (originally referred to as "Jaktvagnen"), which eventually became the Volvo P1800 ES.

Volvo P1800 Beachcar Prototype
Volvo "Jaktvagnen" prototype

Access to the rear compartment is not through the rear window, but through the side windows which are hinged at the top and open gullwing-style.

Ferrari 365 GTB Panther Shooting Break

The instruments are concentrated in the center console, slightly inclined towards the driver.

Ferrari 365 GTB Panther Shooting Break

With luxurious Connolly suede leather trim complemented by a rich wood paneled rear deck, the Chinetti Shooting Break is finished in a black livery, set off by an orange panel across the nose.

Ferrari 365 GTB Panther Shooting Break

It is a full rebody featuring new bodypanels all around. The front inner panels, the door inners and door pillars as well as the front portion of the greenhouse, which includes the windshield, were left untouched.

Ferrari 365 GTB Panther Shooting Break

The overall effect was absolutely stunning and even today this car stirres up the spectators wherever it goes.
Though any wealthy customer could commision this design, car #15275 remained a timeless one-off.

Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona Shooting Break

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