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Gallery update: Italian Jobs
Drogo Ferrari Dino 206 SP #026

The Coachbuilders Gallery receives new picture collections almost every day. Here is a selection of newly added or updated Italian car galleries.


The gallery for Allemano's Maserati 5000 GT received some new pictures and, with help from our forum members, most of the cars are now sorted by chassis number.

Allemano Maserati 5000 GT

Another Allemano bodied car, the lovely Abarth 850 Coupe, can be seen here.

Allemano Abarth 850 Coupe

Click here to see a stately Lancia Astura Limousine bodied by Boneschi. This car was once owned by an Italian convent and survived the war by hiding in a wine cellar. So they say...

Boneschi Lancia Astura Limousine

Click here to see the updated Zagato Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 gallery.

Zagato Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS

The Zagato Aston Martin DB7 AR1 Roadster from the John O'Quinn collection was added shortly before it was auctioned.

Zagato Aston Martin DB7 AR1 Roadster

I conclude this update with the most sexy race car ever made. No discussion possible, because my girlfriend agrees and she has an eye for it. This is simply the most beautiful girl in the class: the Ferrari Dino 206 SP, built by Drogo to a design by Pininfarina. We will enlist all 14 Dinos bodied by Drogo and made a start with #008, #026 and #032.

Drogo Ferrari Dino 206 SP #026
Dino 206 SP #026


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