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Gallery Addition: Thrupp & Maberly Ltd.
Thrupp & Maberly Ltd.

Another British coachbuilder has just been added to our Coachbuilders Gallery: the famous Thrupp & Maberly company. Go check it out!


Thrupp and Maberly Ltd. was formed in 1858 by a merger of the carriage builders Joseph Thrupp and George Maberly. Charles Thrupp and Co. had been building coaches in London since 1760 and the Maberly family had been in the leatherworking trade for several generations. They became curriers (the skilled craft which makes the tanned hides fit for use) and also started a coachpainting business.

Thrupp and Maberly established themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of horse drawn carriages with a reputation for quality and innovation. They moved into making car bodies in 1896 with an electric Victoria for the Queen of Spain. More commissions followed and the business expanded rapidly by bying up a number of competitors. You can read the rest of Thrupp & Maberly's history in the gallery.

Eight cars have been uploaded so far, of which two are very funky Hunting Cars, custom made for two rulers of Princely Indian states and of course the best known of all: the "Star of India".

To see many more cars by Thrupp & Maberly, please join our Forum. If you're the lucky owner of a Thrupp & Maberly bodied car or if you have any knowledge and images available, we'd be most honored and grateful if you would share it with us!


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