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Studebaker Design Contest 2010
Studebaker Design Contest
The Studebaker National Museum and the League of Retired Automotive Designers invite you to design a new "what might have been" Studebaker!


The League of Retired Automotive Designers is comprised of over 60 designers representing virtually all major international automobile companies, including the Studebaker Corporation (Wiki).

Studebaker Design Contest

Studebaker, founded in 1852 as a producer of horse drawn wagons and carriages, produced their first automobile in 1902. Those first cars were electrically (!!) powered and in 1904 gasoline powered cars became available. Studebaker has always been a highly innovative marque and, by producing cars to the designs of some of the most legendary designers like Virgil Exner Sr. & Jr., Raymond Loewy, Brooks Stevens and Albrecht Graf von Goertz, they were on the forefront of American automotive design. One of them, Virgil Exner Jr. is a member of the jury in this Design Contest.


Studebaker design sketch by Virgil Exner Jr.
Studebaker design sketch by Virgil Exner Jr.

The Design A New Studebaker Contest opened Monday, February 8, 2010 and closes Friday, October 22, 2010. One month later, November 12, the Studebaker National Museum will exhibit automotive designs by the League of Retired Automotive Designers and at the same day the winners of the Design A New Studebaker Contest will be announced.

In honor of Studebaker's electric cars, Exner Jr. has created a new concept for what could be the next electric Studebaker. The Exner Studebaker Dartabout.

Virgil Exner's Studebaker Dartabout
Virgil Exner's Studebaker Dartabout

The Design Contest is open for boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen of all ages, from all places. To enter the Design A New Studebaker contest, you must submit an original design on one or two sheets of 8½" x 11" paper. Original design submissions can be created through any artistic medium available, including but not limited to pencil, ink, crayon, computer-aided drawing software, or a combination of several techniques. Download the application form HERE (pdf).

Good luck and have fun!

Studebaker Silver Hawk

Studebaker Starliner

Studebaker Avanti design sketch by Raymond Loewy
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