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For real: Carlsson C25
Carlsson Mercedes SL600 C25

Februari 11th, we presented the design renderings of the C25, a technically and optically enhanced Mercedes SL600 (or SL65 AMG?) by German Mercedes tuner Carlsson. Here are the pictures of the real deal.


Carlsson Mercedes SL600 C25

The design renderings of Carlsson's first coachbuild project looked very promising, but we were affraid they would be a bit deceiving as well. We expected for the actual car to have a lot less expressive and dramatic appearance compared to the 2D renderings and now it seems we were right. This doesn't mean the C25 is a disappointment, though! Please keep in mind that the C25 is based on a rather ordinairy Mercedes SL600 and you will agree the C25 looks very distinctive, while still showing lots of Mercedes DNA. Carlsson's designer Rolf Schepp did a very good job on the Mercedes rebody, but Carlsson shouldn't have showed us those sexy design renderings first.

Carlsson Mercedes SL600 C25
Carlsson C25 design rendering
Carlsson Mercedes SL600 C25
Carlsson C25 real deal
Some dry figures: 6.0 ltr. supercharged Mercedes V12. Power output: 753 hp and 1.150 Nm. Dry weight: 1.950 kilograms. Power to weight ratio: 2,59 kg/pk. 0 to 100 km/h (96mph) in 3,7 seconds. Top speed: 352 km/h.

Carlsson intends to produce no more than 25 units and will sell only one car per country, making sure your neighbour across the street will never get another one.

The price of the C25 starts at € 429,000.- (ex. taxes) and of course the C25 will be fully customizable with paint in all colors of the rainbow. You can also choose a "clubsport interior" (€ 35,400.-), three color exterior (€ 12,600.-), matt paint (€ 4,800.-), 24 carat gold paint (€ 156,000.-) and even a matching 101 hp Smart Fortwo for the Missess or daughter (€ 45,000.-), and so on...

Carlsson C25 Mercedes SL 600

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