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Stolen Classic Car Register

Herman Brouwer and Arnoud and Ard op de Weegh have started the new website The purpose of this site is to increase the chance of finding back a stolen classic car and to eliminate the chance for the thieves to sell the car anywhere in the world. A good initiative, but of course it is all about spreading the word. So here we go!  

Herman Brouwer is known for his websites and and Arnoud and Ard op de Weegh are, together with Kay Hottendorff, authors of the book “The fate of the sleeping beauties” and at the moment they are writing a book about the Schlumpf-affair.

How the Stolen Classic Car Register works: The victim of the theft of a classic car (or his insurance company) informs the webmasters about the stolen car and gives them as much information and photos as possible. The site owners make a press release and publish the release on Immediately they inform by mail the editorial staff of car sites, car magazines and car TV-programs. Garages and classic car restorers as well as auction houses, insurance companies, car clubs, shipping agents and a huge network of car lovers are being informed also.

To keep the site alive and to make this work, the three gentlemen ask 2% of the car's value in case the car is found back thanks to their website. 1% for the site owners and 1% as a reward for the golden tip.

The site is being styled as we speak, but there's already the opportunity to subscribe to the mailinglist at the temporary site. Whether you do it to serve the Classic Car Scene or you're after the 1% finders fee, please register at
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