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Black Ferrari 250 TR sets new auction record
Record 250 TR

The Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa #0714TR, first owned by Piero Drogo, fetched €9,184,000.- during last weekend's Ferrari Leggenda e Passione event in Maranello. This is the highest amount ever paid for any car at an auction, but, unlike some media say, #0714TR is still not the most valuable car in the world. That honour still goes to another Scaglietti design: the 250 GTO.
Further more multiple Special Coachbuilt Ferraris from the Dutch Schermerhorn collection were offered. Read on to see if the other "Speciale" Ferraris got sold/not sold and for how much.
Bertone Mantide, another coachbuilt Corvette
Bertone Mantide

We wrote earlier about the Corvette C6's aluminium chassis being very suitable as a white label platform for coachbuilders to sculpt on. Bertone seemed to agree and so they took a 2009 ZR1 and turned it into this beast: the Bertone Mantide.
Novitec TuLesto: more than just another tuned F430
Novitec TuLesto

The orange monster you see here is the second coachbuilt Ferrari F430 known to man, after Fioravanti's SP1. It hasn't actually been built yet, but by presenting these 3D-renderings of the TuLesto, German Ferrari tuners Novitec attempt to promote themselves from tuner to coachbuilder.
Gallery Pick: Scaglietti Giulietta Sprint Veloce
Scaglietti Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce

In our Coachbuilders Gallery you can find four period pictures of a lovely Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce by Scaglietti. It looks great, but unfortunately, little is known about this car...
Topless Ferrari 250 GTO?
Ferrari 250 GTO Spyder 1964

Ferrari 250 GTOs have had a life of their own. They evolved from prior successful racing cars, some were reborn and some were even brought back from the dead! But one never came to be! Or did it?
For sale: Pininfarina Hyperion (update: 5 units!)
Pininfarina Hyperion

Pininfarina's take on the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, the Hyperion, was introduced as a one-off at Pebble Beach, August 16th 2008. But now it seems exclusivity has been heavily compromised. According to a sales ad at, eight (!!) have been or will be built of which five are still available.
Dedicated follower of fashion
Weitz X600 Roadster 1979

Fashion icon or fashion victim? This sinister looking coachbuilt Camaro was commissioned by one of the great men in fashion design in 1979.
Design Critique: Perana Z1 by Zagato
Zagato Perana Z1

A nice thing about a weblog is that multiple contributers can have their own opinion, which don't necessary reflect the other contributers' points of view. Wallace A. Wyss has a very strong opinion. He is a.o. known for his design critiques at and now he provides his critical writings to as well.
Here is what Wallace has to say about Zagato's latest design, the Perana Z1.
The Mercer Cobra
Exner Mercer Cobra

This is about one of the lowest mileage Cobras in the world. Not only is it low mileage but it’s got “added value” with some Eye-talian exotica, in the form of a one-off body built in Italy. And the designer is famous - the guy from Chrysler who was The Tailfin King.
Who made this wonderful Bentley?
Bentley CC 1999

We came across this picture of a very sexy Bentley with retractable hard top. Some sources state this car was made by Heuliez, but this is not confirmed. Who knows?
Maximum Mini: Booij finds Mini-based oddities
Maximum Mini by Jeroen Booij
After over five years of research writer Jeroen Booij’s first book is published this month. 'Maximum Mini' describes all the known and many unknown Mini-based cars in a great style and with over 500 pictures that have never seen print before.
Symphony composed by Charles Ward
Park Ward MG TA 1936

Meet Symphony; a one-off MG TA born in the workshop of Park Ward.
Read the story provided by the proud current owner H. de Groot, with written comments by Mr. Charles Ward himself.
Gallery Pick: Bertone Porsche 911 Roadster
Bertone Porsche 911 Roadster

Our Coachbuilders Gallery is filling up car by car, pic by pic. It's becoming pretty hard to keep up, especially now there's a lot of additional info and pictures coming in through our new forum. Therefore, every once in a while we will choose one very special car we think you should see. Remember this one-off Porsche 911 by Bertone?
Is this Honda a Zagato-secret?
Honda Z

Forgive me for my Zagato-fetish but again a ‘Z-car’ intrigues me. The thing is – I’m not positive it really ís a Zagato. It is the tiny Honda Z Coupe. Not much of a coachbuilt special, I admit. But my idea is this could be a secret Zagato-design. Let me explain.
Pennock Delahaye: Artcurial's only selling Coachbuild
Pennock Delahaye 135M Cabriolet 1948

In the same weekend as the Bonhams auction, Artcurial auctioned a selection of classic cars as well. The ex-Prince Bernhard Pinin Farina Ferrari 212 Inter, the one-off 365 GTB/4 'Daytona' Speciale and several other Special Coachbuilds remain unsold... The only coachbuilt car changing owners was a Delahaye bodied by Dutch coachbuilder Pennock.
Black Bess changes stable for €2,427,500 !
Labourdette Bugatti T18 #474 1913

Crisis? What crisis? Last weekend's Bonhams auction at Paris Retromobile didn't show any signs of a recession. 'Black Bess', the 1913 5-litre Bugatti Type 18 Sports Two-Seater bodied by Labourdette sold at a staggering €2,427,500 including buyer's premium.
Ex Piero Drogo's Ferrari 250 TR @ RM Auctions

RM Auctions, in association with Sotheby’s, will present the legendary 1957 Ferrari 250 TR (chassis no. 0714TR), when the Ferrari Leggenda e Passione event returns to Maranello, May 17, 2009. This 250 TR was delivered new to Piero Drogo.
More Corvettes. All RETRO!
Anteros Marketing Corvette XTM & XTR

Very recently, when we wrote about the latest Special Coachbuilt Corvettes C6 and Z06, we mentioned two Anteros Marketing conversions. We knew they were working on the DOT-approval and now they show their first customer cars. And there is more to come...
Fancy a second hand Bentley GTZ?
Zagato Bentley GTZ

Crisis or not: we can all do with a little discount every now and then. So how about a second hand Bentley Continental GTZ?
Video: 1965 Targa Florio 'Mountain Legend'
Targa Florio 1965

I'm sure the legendary Targa Florio street race needs no introduction.
Here is 'Mountain Legend', a series of videos for you to enjoy this gloomy weekend.
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