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About coachbuilding
Definition of "Special Coachbuilding"
Ferrari Pininfarina P4/5 Sketch James Glickhaus

There is no strict definition of “Special Coachbuilding”. However, following generally accepted considerations and discerning manufacturing trajectories, a good set of rules and conditions can be extracted to define which cars can be considered “Special Coachbuilt” and which not.

A car can be considered a “special coachbuilt” if: .... >>
Short history of coachbuilding (1st era)
Rolling chassis
Rolls-Royce rolling chassis

In the early motoring days, when series production did not yet exist, the process of acquiring a new vehicle was more complex, as rolling chassis provided the basis for different coachbuilding scenarios.
Short history of coachbuilding (2nd era)
Ferrari 250 GTO Scaglietti fitting frame
After WW II automotive mass production soon became mainstream, ending the era of separate manufacturing of chassis and tailored coachworks. Many coachbuilders went bankrupt, were bought by manufacturers or changed their core business to other activities.
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P4 by Norwood


Bugatti P100 record plane book by Jaap Horst


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