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Coachbuilt Classics
Drogo Ferrari Thomassima II

This is one of the three famous Thomassima automobiles built and designed by Tom Meade in the sixties, the American designer known for going to Modena to pursue his dreams of coach built automobiles. Only Thomassima II and III are known to exist. Thomassima I was destroyed in a flood and Thomassima III is on loan at the factory Ferrari Museum in Modena. This is a one of one custom Italian built car that is part of Ferrari's history. It is included in the Ferrari "bible" by Merritt and Fitzgerald, what many believe to be the history of record for all early Ferrari's. The body and design of the car was built by Piere Drogo of Drogo Carrozeria Sports Cars, the famous body builder of many of the famous Ferrari and Alfa Romeo race cars. The engine used was a Ferrari 250 inside plug V12, a very rare engine in itself. The chassis is a modified Cooper Climax F1 chassis from 1957. It was just recently unveiled at the 2015 Concorso Italiano and featured on the cover after a 7 year restoration.

Gallery update: Ze Frensj
Brandone Talbot-Lago T120 Roadster

Bonjour! This gallery update concerns the French coachbuilders Brandone, Gangloff and Figoni & Falaschi.
Gallery update: some Bentleys

After the Rolls-Royce update, this next gallery update logically concerns the latest Bentley additions.
Gallery update: the Rolls-Royces
H.J. Mulliner Rolls-Royce 40/50HP Silver Ghost "London to Edinburgh" Tourer

Coachbuilt Rolls-Royces... There are just too many! Here is an overview of the recently added and/or updated Rolls-Royce galleries.
Wallpapers: Saoutchik Delahaye 175S Roadster
Saoutchik Delahaye 175S Roadster 1949

A new auction is announced , meaning lots of professional high quality photo shoots become available. We now have a wonderful set of images of this famous one-off Delahaye 175S Roadster by Saoutchik to grace your desktop.
Gallery update: Italian Jobs
Drogo Ferrari Dino 206 SP #026

The Coachbuilders Gallery receives new picture collections almost every day. Here is a selection of newly added or updated Italian car galleries.
Gallery update: some US cars
Murphy Duesenberg Model J Convertible Sedan

We've been busy adding multiple cars to the gallery. Here's an overview of some American Iron picture collections that have been updated or added.
Ever seen a Quadruple Phaeton?
Smith & Waddington White Charabanc

We all know what a Dual Cowl Phaeton or Double Phaeton configuration looks like, right? Now, have you ever seen such a thing as a Quadruple Phaeton? No? Check this then!
Gallery Addition: Thrupp & Maberly Ltd.
Thrupp & Maberly Ltd.

Another British coachbuilder has just been added to our Coachbuilders Gallery: the famous Thrupp & Maberly company. Go check it out!
UCVs: Unidentified Coachbuilt Vehicles
Unidentified Coachbuilt Vehicles

In our forum we have this Mystery Car thread. There you can post any unknown car or known cars bodied by unknown coachbuilders and wait for the members to come up with an answer or perform a collective research.
Gallery addition: Zagato Lancia Flaminia
Zagato Lancia Flaminia 2500 3C Sport

The highly desirable Lancia Flamini two-seater Coupe by Zagato has now been added to the gallery!
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