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Wonderful. This takes guts. Why not produce it in limited series?

 More info on website Mercedes-Benz



Gordon Murray and Peter Stevens rewrote the books presenting the MCLAREN F1 in 1996. This car may have upped the ante as much as the Ferrari 250 GTO did in 1962. Or beyond.
One smart investor bought an F1 in 1997, stored it in a conditioned environment, offering the car 20 years later in absolute new condition (the factory wraps are still in place). So, how do you value such an icon? They recently went for around $15M, and we won't be surprised if this unique piece of automotive history sells for more than the last Ferrari 250 GTO...
Check details:

Ken Okuyama launched his new design at Pebble Beach 2017: the Kode 0. The car is based on the Lamborghini Aventador. The design was received with mixed feelings. Nevertheless Okuyama deserves praise for his audacious projects. See Okuyama in our Encyclopedia.


Prices are rumoured to be:

Zagato Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe 2016: $650.000 (all sold)
Zagato Aston Martin Vanquish Volante 2016: $850.000 (all sold)
Zagato Aston Martin Vanquish Speedster 2018: $1.300.000 (all sold)
Zagato Aston Martin Vanquish Shooting Brake 2018: $850.000 (all sold?)


Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept 2016

At Villa d’Este 2016 Aston Martin unveils its new 593bhp, carbonfibre-bodied Vanquish Zagato concept. The stunning new Vanquish Concept is the latest product of the ongoing collaboration between Aston Martin and Italian design house Zagato. Max 99 cars will be produced.

The Vanquish Zagato Concept was designed in close collaboration between the Aston Martin Design team led by Marek Reichman and Andrea Zagato and his dedicated design team in Milan. Developed and engineered at Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon, England the concept features proportions that remain quintessentially Aston Martin and emphasises a dynamic, forward-looking stance. The new bodywork is entirely shaped from carbon fibre, with the split lines on the body reduced by the use of large one-piece panels. New lights include round tail light reflectors that evoke the classic rear view of a Zagato design, incorporating the same 'bladed' LED technology as the Aston Martin Vulcan track-only supercar.

One of the most prominent changes is the adoption of a double-bubble roof, a classic Zagato design element that resulted from the requirement to create headroom for drivers wearing helmets with a minimum impact on the aerodynamic profile.

Reminiscent of the DB11 is the sculpted side strake and cutaways in the front wing, leading into the door. At the tail you’ll find a retractable rear spoiler and luggage compartment access, while a quad-exit exhaust sits within the carbonfibre rear lower panel.

The interior receives a series of revisions. Upgrades include bespoke seat trims, the Zagato ‘Z’ logo embossed into the headrests and centre console, upmarket ‘herringbone’ carbonfibre finishes and anodized bronze rotary dials and vents.

The naturally aspirated 5.9-litre V12 engine produces 593bhp, up from the standard V12’s 568bhp.

The new Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato was presented at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2016 (from 21-22 May in Cernobbio, Lake Como Italy).

See images in our Encyclopedia.

On March 31 2016 Tesla's Elon Musk unveiled the brand new Tesla Model 3. We must admit: again a topnotch design by Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen, with serious specs and features. At a base price of $ 35.000 competitors like BMW and Audi will be seriously challenged. And that's an understatement.

But hey, what does the Model 3 have to do with coachbuilding? The answer is tantalising: as the Electric Vehicle is taking the world by a quantum leap since 3 years, the paradigm shift is imminent with massive public acceptance and demand in the years to come. What differentiates modern times from classic automotive history however is that the platform and drivetrain technology is more and more becoming a commodity: available for anyone who wants to build cars. Do take notice for example how Tesla offers its technology for free ("we won't sue you because it's good for the planet" - investor freaks out), and Silicon Valley has discovered EV startups like OSVehicle, an American/Italian startup offering modular Open Source (!) EV platforms.

As Richard Nichols of Auto Mundial expresses it to the point: 'everyone with a good idea now stands a chance'. Technology is becoming mainstream and off-the-shelf, the era of good looks are here again. And this is a gift from heaven for designers and coachbuilders, opening up an unprecedented horizon with exciting (lower threshold) opportunities. Don't underestimate however the growing importance of the cabin user experience - a new realm with hard-to-compete players like Apple.

Touring Superleggera’s 90th anniversary celebrations kicked off on March 1 2016 with the launch of the new Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spyder at the Geneva Motorshow.
Reinventing the industry of coach building, Touring gains recognition in the growing market of bespoke super-luxury motor cars.
First of a series of seven hand-built units, the Disco Volante Spyder has been technically developed with the support of Alfa Romeo on the 8C Competizione Spider chassis, merging traditional hand beaten aluminium panelling to carbon fibre modelling. An innovative twin carbon fibre roof converts the Disco Volante Spyder into a comfortable fixed head coupe allowing daily usage with outstanding comfort.
The Disco Volante Spyder is inspired by the 1952 Alfa Romeo C52.

This is the first open top production car in Touring’s recent history. As such it had to be a bold design statement which starts to outline Touring’s future design language. The 1952 car was revolutionary. The 2016 Disco Volante Spyder is as astonishing and exciting as a coach built car should be!

See more images in the Encyclopedia.


Announced on September 20, 2011: “The Interceptor reborn: Jensen's iconic car is back with a £200,000 price tag.A...

Posted by Coachbuild.com news on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

When Bentley chief designer Luc Donckerwolke left the company at the end of May 2015, the rumor mill started spinning...

Posted by Coachbuild.com news on Thursday, 4 February 2016

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I am not a natural flatterer, I like to think that I "tell it like it is", politely I hope. So when I tell you that I am very impressed by the contents of your website, it is just not English politeness. I of course love the subject matter but you deal with it in an energetic and respectful manner. I am overwhelmed by the research that has gone into compiling the list of coachbuilders/bodybuilders for Europe and North America. I have never heard of the vast majority of them. Congratulations on an excellent website.
- N. Maltby of Car Scene International

We use Coachbuild.com almost daily as our main reference source!
- Schloss Dyck Classic Days

We use Coachbuild.com all the time for references!
- Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

We are very impressed by your website!
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