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Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series III 1974


Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series III 1974


  • Marque : Jaguar
  • Model : E-Type Series III Roadster
  • Engine: V12, 5.3 Liter, 314 HP
  • First registration : 22 January 1974
  • Current registration: Netherlands
  • Chassis number : 1S24654
  • Colour exterior : Regency Red
  • Colour interior : Cinnamon
  • Transmission: manual, 4 speed


Price : € 92.500
Included in the price is the work done by Noble House for a total value of € 22.978,- incl. VAT !

Fifty years after they were revealed to the world, Jaguar E-types still draw admiring stares when they drive by. To many, this masterful creation by Sir William Lyons is the sexiest car ever built.

In 1971, the Jaguar E-Type Series III introduced the V12 engine to the model that ran through until June 1974 for the Roadster. This raised the car’s appeal on paper by having much more exotic specification. Jaguar called it the 'Ultimate Cat' and advertised the car’s inherent smoothness and absence of engine noise.

Much of the E-Type structure had to change to accommodate the new V12 including widening of the engine sub frames. The V12 block displaced 5.3 liters and produced 314 horsepower. It was equipped with four Stromberg carburetors.

Visually the car had the wider track, wider wheels and tires, slightly flared front and rear wheel arches and a large cross-slatted front grille. The distinctive rear badge proclaims it as an E-Type V12.

Mechanical upgrades included power steering and more powerful brakes and ventilated front brake discs. Also a larger fuel tank was installed. Optionally wire wheels were available.

Inside the V12 had an entirely new interior with new reclining seats, a different center console, new door panels and a revised steering wheel. The dashboard retained much of the Series II layout, but included the 2+2 stowage areas above the floor wells.

Production of the Series III roadster reached 7,992 cars.

Jaguar E-type V12 Series III Roadster 1974 – in detail

This Jaguar E- type is according to its Jaguar Heritage Trust Build Sheet manufactured on 22 January 1974, in the colour combination Regency Red with Cinnamon interior. On 21 February 1974 the Jaguar E-type was dispatched to British Leyland Canada for delivery to her first owner.

In 1990 the Jaguar E-type was owned by Mr. Sovran in Ontario, Canada. The mileage was then 72.134 and an extensive restoration started in October 1990 by Reg Beer Coachbuilders.

The restoration for instance consisted of:

  • Remove, strip and restore front suspension.
  • Remove, strip and restore rear suspension.
  • Restore brake callipers, brake master cylinder and brake servo.
  • Remove engine and engine bay components.
  • Removal of interior.
  • Restore body work, where necessary.
  • Dismantling and reconditioning of engine.
  • Paint engine bay.
  • Refit engine bay components, engine and transmission.
  • Change 1974 bumper specification ( rubber blocks ) front and rear to European, chrome bumpers, front and rear.
  • Repaint Jaguar E-type in Regency Red.
  • Replace soft top and seat covers.
  • Rechroming of various parts.
  • Restore and refit parts to finish restoration.

The restoration was finished in August 1992 and on invoices which come with the extensive history file, it is shown that fare more than € 45.000,- was spent at Reg Beer Coachbuilders.

In 1995, the automatic transmission was replaced by an original Jaguar E-type V 12 manual transmission. This costed appr. € 5.900,-

In the period 1992-2010, a mere 12.440 miles were driven. In the period 2010-1016 only 142 miles were driven. Seen the lack of use over the last 5 years, in 2016 the owner decided to sell his Jaguar E-type to Noble House.

After arrival in Almere, Noble House carried out the following work :

  • Replacing Weber carburettors by original Stromberg set, including inlet manifolds and ancillaries like air filter boxes.
  • Replace various bushes in front and rear suspension.
  • Various work for Dutch/German registration.
  • Replace foams of headrests.
  • Fit new carpet set.

In labour, € 15.125,- was spent at Noble House, in parts € 7.853,- was added. Both in Canada and in the Netherlands, substantial money is invested . 

The car is registered in the Netherlands and is therefore ready for any European owner !

The V 12 Roadster is in an excellent condition and ready to be used extensively for international travelling. Next to that, the Jaguar is a certain long term investment.

Margin car: this vehicle is sold “as-is” with no warranty, written or implied. The vehicle listed is described to the best of our ability and to our knowledge the above information is accurate. We are not responsible for errors in our description of options or any other details. The listed vehicle is used so we do welcome all local pre-purchase inspections in order to verify the condition.


Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series III 1974


€ 92.500


  • Model: Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series III
  • Year: 1974
  • Coachbuilder: Jaguar
  • Designer: Malcolm Sayer
  • Nr produced: 7,992
  • Seller: Noblehouse Exclusive Cars
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Contact: Tel.: +31 (0)36 532 53 00 | Email: sales@noblehouseclassics.nl
  • Ad creation date: 05 October 2017
  • Tags: 1974, E-Type, Jaguar, Noblehouse, roadster


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