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Warming, Anders
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Anders Warming (born 1972) is a Danish automotive designer working for BMW AG. He is the new chief of Design for the Mini division of BMW. He was recently the chief of exterior design for BMW from 2007 to the end of 2010.


Education and early career

Warming studied at Art Centre College of Design Europe, Vevey, Switzerland and also the campus in Pasadena, California. He began his career at the BMW's DesignworksUSA studio in California in 1997.

Warming also had a short tenure at Volkswagen from 2003 to 2005.

He worked at various positions before returning to BMW headquarters in Munich in 2005.


Warming contributed to the exterior designs of the new second generation iteration of the BMW X3. He also was known for his designs on the new BMW 5 series, Z4, and the new 6 series.

He has worked under Chris Bangle when he was the chief of BMW car design and now works under Adrian van Hooydonk. In spring of 2011 Anders Warming became the Chief of Design at BMW Mini.



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