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Segre, Luigi
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Luigi "Gigi" Segre (1919–1963) was an Italian automotive designer and engineer, owner of Carrozzeria Ghia from 1953, when Mario Boano left, until his death on 26 February 1963, from complications during surgery.

Segre was widely known for styling the Karmann-Ghia (1953), and he also consulted on the styling of the Renault Dauphine. Overall, Dauphine styling was a scaled down version of the Renault Frégate; and in June 1953, Pierre Lefaucheux, Renault's chairman, requested Segre's and Carrozzeria Ghia assistance, especially with integrating the Dauphine's engine's air intake at the rear doors.

Segre also established the OSI coachbuilding company with Arrigo Olivetti in 1960.


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