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Savonuzzi, Giovanni
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Born in Ferrara, Italy in 1911, the career of Giovanni Savonuzzi begins immediately after his degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Torino in 1939 at Fiat Aviazione where he begins his studies of airplane aerodynamics and turbines. Between 1945 and 1948 as Technical Director of Cisitalia he puts the finishing touches on Giacosa's D46 racing car and develops the Aereodinamica experimental car, the Spider Nuvolari and the legendary Cisitalia 202, built by Pinin Farina now at the Museum of Modern Art permanent collection as a "sculpture in motion". In 1954 he takes over as General Director of Carrozzeria Ghia and is the signature on its most dazzling and innovative design such as the Ford Futura, the Gilda, the Supersonic and many more expressiona of his engineering and artistic genius. In 1957 he moves to Chrysler Corporation as Chief Engineer in charge of Turbine Research and develops the Turbine car - both motor and body. In 1969, Ing. Savonuzzi returns to FIAT as Director of Research at the Orbassano Research Center until his retirement in 1977. Subsequently he becomes Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino and dies in 1986.

Notable designs

  • 1947 Cisitalia Mille Miglia Coupe Aerodynamica
  • 1947 Cisitalia Spider Nuvolari
  • 1947 Cisitalia 202
  • Cisitalia Ford 808XF
  • Ghia Supersonica Series
  • Ghia Gilda Streamliner
  • Ghia Desoto Adventurer II
  • Nibbio II
  • Ghia Ferrari 410 Superamerica
  • 1955 Ghia Streamline X Coupé "Gilda"

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