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Ingenlath, Thomas
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Born in Krefeld, Germany in 1964, Thomas Ingenlath was most recently in charge of the Volkswagen Design Center in Potsdam, southwest of Berlin. He has been appointed Vice President of Design at Volvo Cars, effective July 1, 2012.

Professional experience:
1991 – 1994 Exterior Designer, Audi
1995 – 2000 Head of Exterior Design, Volkswagen
2000 – 2006 Head of Design, Skoda
2006 – 2012 Director of Design, Volkswagen Group 
2012 – present Vice President of Design at Volvo Cars

During his tenure at Volkswagen, Ingenlath led numerous VW Group design programs, including the recent VW NILS concept car revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show and the Concept Bluesport roadster unveiled at the 2009 NAIAS in Detroit.

A graduate of Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Pforzheim, Germany, Ingenlath obtained his MA degree from the Royal College of Art Vehicle Design course in London, UK, and joined the VW Group soon afterward.

Over the course of his career he has worked for Audi, as chief exterior designer for Volkswagen passenger cars, and was appointed Chief Designer at Skoda in 2000.

While at VW Group’s Czech subsidiary, Ingenlath defined the brand’s design identity and was responsible for the first generation Skoda Superb, Fabia and production Roomster.

Volvo's new designs were presented in 2015 and received much acclaim.

Notable designs

  • Skoda Superb, Fabia and production Roomster
  • VW NILS concept 2011
  • VW Bluesport Roadster 
  • Volvo Concept XC Coupe 2014 
  • Volvo XC90 update
  • Volvo S90 2015
  • Volvo V90 2016

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