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Vandenbrink Design

Vandenbrink Design

Vandenbrink Design was set up by Michiel van den Brink and ir Robert Koumans in 2006 and is located in The Netherlands. Designer Michiel van den Brink was born in 1977 in Barneveld, The Netherlands. He studied Industrial Design at the Delft University and worked as freelance industrial designer for several years before he started his cardesign career at Spyker Cars in The Netherland. At Spyker, Michiel designed the extraordinary SSUV, the D12 Peking to Paris, which was first shown at the 2006 Geneva Motorshow. Robert (1961) studied Mechanical Engineering at the Delft University / Vehicle Dynamics / Mechatronics. Later he designed Fly-By-Wire flight control systems at Fokker Aircraft, and invented an aerodynamic stabilisation system for Class I Offshore racing boats and Unlimited Hydroplanes. Focus in his later career was on the combination of art and technology.

Vandenbrink Design's focus is on custom-fitted special coachbuilding for highly exclusive luxury- and sportscars. Vandenbrink mission is to create hand-built one-offs on special customer demand only. The aluminium coachwork is handcrafted following the classic tradition by Hietbrink Coachbuilding in Haaksbergen. In cooperation with race engineering expert Edo Competition Motorsport in Ahlen, Germany, engine and suspension upgrades are being offered.

Their first project, the retro-styled 599/630 GTO, was based on a Ferrari 599.

In April 2010 Michiel van den Brink left the company to continue his business as an independent designer.
The Vandenbrink Design company continued the development of the GTO.

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Company website: Vandenbrinkdesign.com

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