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Van Rijswijk

Van Rijswijk

Van Rijswijk was a Dutch coachbuilder located in Voorburg, next to The Hague. Early 1900 Van Rijswijk manufactured various leather goods and saddles for horses and chariots. They also repaired horse drawn chariots and from 1903 they started building car bodies. Prince Hendrik of Holland owned a Van Rijswijk bodied Minerva and Van Rijswijk obtained the title of 'Hofleverancier' (Official Royal Supplier). After World War I Van Rijswijk created bodies on the chassis of luxury brands like Bugatti, Isotta-Fraschini, Excelsior, Rolls-Royce, which often won prizes at several Concourses d'Elegance.

In the late '30s Van Rijswijk mainly worked with American chassis like Ford, Buick, Packard, Nash and Chevrolet. The last pre-WWII car by Van Rijswijk was a Lancia Aprilia, built especially for the 1940 Paris Salon, which was canceled because of the war.

After World War II Van Rijswijk continued with the repairs of car bodies and in 1950 Van Rijswijk bodied their last car: a Panhard Dyna.

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