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Van Leersum

Van Leersum

Jan van Leersum founded his coachbuilding company in 1919 in Hilversum, The Netherlands (Naarderstraat 42b and 58a, later moved to Laarderweg 121). He was not only a coachbuilder, but also an artist with a vision. In the '30s he not only displayed his ideas about streamlining cars, but also for coaches.

He built complete new bodies, but also additional options like folding roofs, attachable trunks, streamlined spats and such. He also improved and modified existing cars.

In 1946 Dutch firm Lagerwij from The Hague imported over a hundred Delahaye 135 chassis to be bodied in the Netherlands and most of them were to be sold abroad. Most of the Delahayes were bodied by Pennock, but some received a coachwork from Van Leersum (Hilversum) and from Van Rijswijk (The Hague).

Later Van Leersum mainly built coaches, but in December 1951 the company seized operations, because they could not compete with the larger coach companies in Holland. 

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More info: http://www.conam.info/carrosseriebouwers-beschrijvingen/van-leersum-hilversum-1919-1952 

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