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Carrosserie Schebera GmbH was founded in 1911 in Berlin by Ernst Schebera. Almost from the company's inception, they were favoured by some of the leading manufacturers of the day to create lavish and stylish coachwork for their wealthy clientele. During World War I, Schebera's reputation led to a number of contracts to build staff cars and ambulances for the German army.

The 'Heilbronner Fahrzeug-Fabrik', which was founded in 1905, experienced difficulties after World War One and was merged into the 'Carosserie Schebera GmbH' in 1919. The new name became 'Süddeutsche Karosseriewerke Schebera Heilbronn AG'. The merger was led by a wealthy businessman, Jacob Shapiro, who became managing director of Carrosserie Schebera.

Shapiro owned shares of several major companies, including Benz, BMW, Cyklon, Hansa-Lloyd, Dixi and NSU. Unfortunately, his speculation in the stock market turned bad during the recession of 1922/23, and NSU took over the coachbuilding business, which was merged into the 'NSU Vereinigte Fahrzeugwerke AG' in 1925.

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