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Carrosseriefabriek P.J. Pennock & Zonen was established in 1898 in The Hague by Johannes Jacobus Leonarduszoon Pennock. It became one of the largest coachbuilders in the Netherlands. The firm built various coachworks for public transport vehicles and trucks, but also both bespoke bodies for individual clients and series-built styles like convertibles, often on higher-priced chassis from the USA and France. In their haydays they created many beautiful bodies on the chassis of brands like Delahaye, Lagonda, Talbot-Lago, Austin, Minerva and Armstrong Siddeley.

Pennock is especially well known for their 'un-Dutch' flamboyant designs on Delahayes. After World War II, the Dutch government encouraged coachbuilding for export, and a number of prestige chassis, especially Delahayes, were imported for that purpose. Delahaye had no in-house coachworks, so all their chassis were bodied by independents, who created some of their most attractive designs on the Type 135. One of them was commissioned by Prince Bernard of The Netherlands. His wife, Queen Juliana had also commissioned a special car, a stretched Austin Sheerline Double Convertible Town Car.

Pennock closed its doors in 1953. 

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More info: http://www.conam.info/carrosseriebouwers-beschrijvingen/pennock-den-haag 

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