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Mitsuoka Motors is a small Japanese automobile company founded in 1982 by Akio Mitsuoka. Mitsuoka rebuilds modern Japanese cars and takes inspiration from British classic vehicles from the 1950s and 1960s. It is primarily a coachbuilder or a manufacturer of bodies for carriages or automobiles, taking production cars like the Nissan Micra and replacing the bodywork with its own custom designs. Mitsuoka has also produced a supercar: the Orochi.

The history of Mitsuoka as a coachbuilder goes back to 1982 with the launch of the "BUBU shuttle 50" which was equipped with a 50cc engine. This model was designed with disabled persons in mind. After that Mitsuoka manufactured replica models and several retro styled conversions.

In 1993, after the "Viewt" was launched, Mitsuoka established a dealer network for easy access anywhere in Japan.

In 1994 the Mitsuoka "Zero1" was launched. Mitsuoka got type approval for this model and was recognized as the 10th Japanese passenger car manufacturer.

The Mitsuoka "Zero1" model was the starting point of spirit of challenge. At the same time it still gave Mitsuoka a tremendous drive to develop various models. The "Galue", "Zero 1 Type F" and "Rei" were launched in 1996, and "Ryoga" in 1998. These models made up the base of Mitsuoka's current lineup.

2000 saw Mitsuoka becoming the exclusive sole distributor of the famous London Taxi "TX-I" from England. In 2001 Mitsuoka joined the 35th Tokyo Motor Show for the first time. 

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