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Jonckheere is a motor coach and bus builder, founded in 1881 by Henri Jonckheere in Roeselare, Belgium. Presently, the company is known as VDL Jonckheere.
Jonckheere was founded in In 1881 by Henri Jonckheere, who began with horse drawn carriages in the town of Beveren, near Roeselare in Belgium. In 1902 Jonckheere started to build bodies for luxury cars like Minerva, Rolls-Royce and FN.

Henri Jonckheere and his son Joseph began building coaches and busses in 1922. Car bodies were still a large part of the production until the early 1930s when Jonckheere moved all of the production to bus and coach building, making Jonckheere the Belgian market leader. Jonckheere was also becoming a famous and well-known name throughout Europe, especially after the second world war, when there was a huge need for vehicles for road transport, which included of course a lot of buses and coaches. Jonckheere was able to meet quickly all new market trends.

In 1994 Jonckheere became a part of the Dutch Berkhof Group which was subsequently acquired by the VDL Group four years later. The official name of Jonckheere was then changed to VDL Jonckheere.

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