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Jacques Coune

Jacques Coune

Jacques Coune (Born in 1924) started his car workshop in the mid '50s at the avenue de la Couronne in Brussels, where he took care of exclusive sport cars like Jaguars, Aston Martins and other valuable cars, but also more regular and less expensive production cars. His clients were mainly rich people looking for individual transport.

One of the more known Coune creations was the Coune MGB Berlinette of which 56 were produced during 1963-1968 before British Leyland presented their own MGB GT Coupe. Coune also built a BMW 700 Combi, a BMW 1800 Combi, a Mercedes 220 SE Estate, a single Peugeot 404 Break, five Volvos Amazone Convertible and a special one-off MGB Targa, called the Gemini Spyder. Jacques Coune had his own booth (in 1963, 1964, 1965) at the autosalon in Brussels where he presented his unique creations to the public.

Coune also was the first Abarth agent outside Italy and he had the Iso agency. These Italian cars were distributed at the same building where Garage Francorchamps was located. Coune was co-founder of the Belgian National Racing Team, which ran with Abarths, Ferraris and F1 cars.

Coune's staff were mainly specialist coachbuilders from northern Italy. The Abarth department employed two staff and the panel workshop 17 specialists. In the sixties Coune lost many of his specialist Italian workers who one by one returned to their homeland when the Italian economy improved. Jacques Coune, now retired and in his 70s, lives a very private life.

With thanks to Nicolas Lecompte of the Coune registry.

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