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Drogo Carrozzeria Sports Cars

Drogo Carrozzeria Sports Cars

Carrozzeria Sports Cars was a carrozzeria in Modena, Italy, founded by one-time Formula One driver, Piero Drogo. Piero was born in Northern Italy in Vignale Monferrato, a small town near the city of Alessandria in Piedmont on August 8th, 1926. His family immigrated to Venezuela and Drogo began racing in Venezuela in the 1950s. He raced extensively across the South American continent in sports cars and in the road races. At the end of the fifties he returned to Italy and found a job as a mechanic at Stanguellini in Modena. In the sixties he established Carrozzeria Sports Cars in Modena. He quickly began taking on small sports car and racing body orders from the manufacturers in that city.

His bodies were used by Scuderia Serenissima and Bizzarrini, and his occasional work for Ferrari brought him much fame. Especially the Ferraris Dino 206 SP, 330 P4 and 250 GT SWB 'Breadvan' are valuable masterpieces.

On the 28th of April 1973 Piero Drogo died by an accident in his Ferrari.

List of the Drogo rebodies:

0147 E: 212 Inter Vignale Coupe rebodied in 1965 to resemble a California Spyder.

0716 TR: Originally a pontoon-fendered TR. Rebodied by Drogo in 1964 as a berlinetta (very GTO-ish). Since converted back to original pontoon-fendered configuration (see 2493 GT).

0977 GT: 250 PF Coupe rebodied by Drogo.

1717 GT: 250 PF Coupe rebodied by Drogo.

1965 GT/2445 GT: Two crashed cars, one Drogo body.

2053 GT: 250 GT SWB rebodied by Drogo circa 1962-63. Car since destroyed?

2065 GT: 250 PF Coupe rebodied once by Drogo and then later fitted with the Drogo body from 2209 GT.

2067 GT: 250 GT SWB supposedly once rebodied by Drogo with a body similar to 2209 GT and then later rebodied again to look like a GTO. In 1992, it was restored to its original SWB configuration.

2209 GT: 250 GT SWB rebodied by Drogo. Later restored to original SWB body (see 2065 GT above).

Unknown/2423 GT: Unknown chassis (250 GTE?) fitted with the Drogo body from 3445 GT in 1987 and engine number 2423 GT. Chassis restamped as "2423 GT" to match engine.

2493 GT: 250 GTE that received the Drogo bodywork from 0716 TR when that car was restored to original configuration.

2735 GT: 250 GT SWB rebodied by Drogo following a crash in 1962. Later returned to original SWB configuration (see 3611 GT).

3405 GT: 250 GTE rebodied by Drogo circa 1979.

3445 GT: 250 GTO rebodied by Drogo in 1965. Wrecked in 1976 and subsequently returned to original GTO configuration. Drogo body fitted onto 2433 GT.

3611 GT: 250 GTE that received the Drogo bodywork from 2735 GT when that car was restored to original configuration.

7979: The "Navarro Special" or "Golden Car”.

Also, there was a Drogo creation called the "Cegga Ferrari Spyder," which utilized a Ferrari engine but not built on a Ferrari chassis and the famous "Nembo" cars designed by Neri & Bonacini were subcontracted out to Drogo for the actual coachwork. Drogo also legitimately bodied several of the "P" series cars as well as the Dino 206 S coupes and spyders. Drogo also updated several 250 LMs to "long-nose" configuartion.

There have also been unsubstantiated claims that Drogo rebodied the following: 0726 TR and 0738 TR (both now back to original configuration), 1219 GT, and 3213 GT. As well, both 1257 GT and 4769 GT have been falsely described as being the recipients of the Drogo bodywork removed from 3445 GT (see "Unknown/2423 GT"). 

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