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Carrozzeria Castagna was founded by Carlo Castagna in 1849 in Milan, Italy. By the turn of the century Carlo had specialized in modern motoring bodies and had soon built some striking cars. By 1915 the company was taken over by Castagna's son, Ercole. He focused even more on top-of-the-range chassis and soon managed to make Castagna Italy's largest carrozzeria, selling cars to movie stars, royalty and even the pope. After WWII Castagna struggled to survive as demand for special coachbuilding diminished. By 1954 the company closed.

In 1994, the great name of Carrozzeria Castagna (1849-1954) was revived by Gioacchino Acampora and Umberto Pietra. The old and the new company share no history other than the name.

The new Castagna 1994

When Gioacchino Acampora and Umberto Pietra, who both worked for other Italian coachbuilders, decided to start a company of their own, they gave a new lease of life to the old Castagna-name, buying its rights in 1994.
They built several unconventional one-offs on Alfa-Romeo-, Ferrari-, Bentley-, Maserati- and Corvette-base, but became best known for their estate Mini, launched years before Mini came up with their own 'Clubman'. 

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