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A selection of links to Coachbuilding related websites & articles:

www.coachbuilt.com :  Encyclopedia of American Coachbuilders & Coachbuilding

www.barchetta.cc : Ferrari & Maserati Registry

: The Bugatti resource by Jaap Horst

: The on-line Bugatti focussed magazine

www.BugattiBuilder.com : Bugatti enthousiasts site and forum

www.conceptcarz.com : Concept cars, modern and classic cars.

www.FerrariChat.com : The online Ferrari community

: Online Frua Registry (German)

www.primotipo.com : Motor racing memories

www.sportscardigest.com : The Sports, Racing and Vintage Car Journal.

www.supercars.net : Specifications, galleries and forums about classic and modern cars.

www.swisscarregister.ch : Registry for Swiss cars and coachbuilders.

www.ultimatecarpage.com : Concept cars, modern and classic cars and racing.

VeloceToday.com : Magazine for Italian & French Classic Car Enthusiasts

Currently active coachbuilders:


Bertone: www.bertonedesign.it

Castagna: www.castagnamilano.it

Fioravanti: www.fioravanti.it

Gordon Murray Design: www.gordonmurraydesign.com

Italdesign / Giugiaro: www.italdesign.it

Pininfarina: www.pininfarina.it

SpadaConcept: www.spadaconcept.com

Touring Superleggera: www.touringsuperleggera.eu

Vandenbrink Design: www.vandenbrinkdesign.com

Zagato: www.zagato.it


Callaway: www.callawaycars.com

Chris Bangle: www.chrisbangleassociates.com

Devon Motorworks: www.devonmotorworks.com

Fisker Coachbuild: www.fiskercb.com

n2a Motors: www.n2amotors.com


Mitsuoka: www.mitsuoka.com.sg

COACHBUILD.com is the leading encyclopedia and forum dedicated to unique cars, the art of automotive design and Special Coachbuilding. We highlight the numerous designers and coachbuilding companies that created so many wonderful pieces of automotive artwork throughout the decades.

Since 2008 we have built up a unique position in the specialized automotive field. The extensive COACHBUILD.com resources have become an authorative benchmark on the web, attracting over 1,5 million unique visitors per year and over 70.000 pageviews per day. The site found its way to a vast audience of automotive enthusiasts, including connoisseurs, owners, buyers, collectors, and many who have in any way been involved in the creation or restoration process. 

All our visitors share the same passion: historic and unique automobiles and their designers.

Through our continuing editorial efforts we aim at offering a complete as possible Special Coachbuilding ENCYCLOPEDIA (13.500 images and counting), serving as an open platform and information source for everyone interested. The enthusiastic reader contributions in our Special Coachbuild FORUM (9.700 topics, 60.000 posts, 60.000 images) indicate that the topic of Special Coachbuilding is very much alive.

We recently introduced our new Coachbuild & Collectibles Marketplace, offering you a unique specialised market to find or sell coachbuilt cars, collectibles, limited series & one-offs. Have something special or unique to sell? We are now accepting your ad submissions. Click here for advertising rates.

All articles are copyright COACHBUILD.com. The images in the Coachbuilders Gallery are owned by the specific photographer. If you would like to republish any of our articles please contact the publisher: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A big thumbs up for our sponsors; we thank you for making the Coachbuild.com efforts possible!


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We run this website as a collective effort for you and fellow enthusiasts, aiming to help preserve this unique part of automotive heritage. Maintaining our (60GB!) website, database and forum is a huge effort, with our content and resources offered for free to the worldwide audience. Companies or private persons who enjoy this website can support us by making a donation here; this helps us to maintain, improve and extend our site. Your support is highly appreciated!

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ir Robert C.A. Koumans 
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A special thanks to Michiel van den Brink for his knowledgeable and passionate contributions to Coachbuild.com. 

Contributing editors & guest writers
Jeroen Booij
Pipo Aymamí
Bert Bomhof
Yvon Botcazou
Johan Buchner (bugattibuilder.com)
João Pedro Gazineu
Pawel Golubinski
Michael Gregg
Warren de France
Hemmo de Groot (www.mgta.nl)
Jan ter Hedde
Wim te Riet
Wallace A. Wyss (VeloceToday.com)
Nicholas Maltby (carsceneinternational.blogspot.co.uk)
Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos (crankhandleblog.com)
Haldy Simon
Elvio Deganello (photo series)

Last but not least a special thanks to our contributing brand specialists who prefer to remain anonymous. Your detailed and passionate posts enrich our forum in an incredible way!

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I am not a natural flatterer, I like to think that I "tell it like it is", politely I hope. So when I tell you that I am very impressed by the contents of your website, it is just not English politeness. I of course love the subject matter but you deal with it in an energetic and respectful manner. I am overwhelmed by the research that has gone into compiling the list of coachbuilders/bodybuilders for Europe and North America. I have never heard of the vast majority of them. Congratulations on an excellent website.
- N. Maltby of Car Scene International

We use Coachbuild.com almost daily as our main reference source!
- Schloss Dyck Classic Days

We use Coachbuild.com all the time for references!
- Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

We are very impressed by your website!
- Bicester Heritage UK